What makes a really good website?

What makes a really good website?

No self-respecting company can do without a professional website today. It serves as a digital flagship and shop window and represents a first point of contact with existing and potential new customers. But what actually makes a really good website and what adjustments can you make if you want to improve your own appearance?

Focus on the target group

As a company, you know your own customers best. Which target group are you addressing with your products? This is exactly the question you should ask yourself when creating your own website, because depending on the answer, the page can look completely different in the end. Web design is the magic word here, because not every target group jumps on technical gimmicks, for example. The older audience in particular is usually won over by simple operation and a clear presentation of the site.

core factors

There are a few key factors to consider when designing a website. This starts with the URL, because this should be short and concise and also be able to be associated with the company. In this way, it is quickly memorized and can be retrieved from the customer’s memory. Appropriate SSL encryption should also not be missing these days, as this guarantees optimal data protection. Mobile first is a good approach to follow in general, but especially with the younger demographic. In some cases, up to 80% of the target groups only surf with their smartphones. Therefore, the website should be optimized for mobile devices. The desktop version should also look good, but only plays a minor role compared to before.

Crucial design

When it comes to design, opinions differ. But what you should always pay attention to is a professional design, in which certain design elements can be found on the whole page. Simplicity and functionality should always be guaranteed, because customers who do not find their way around a website will leave it again after a few seconds. In addition, the design can be conducive to sales. If the design aims to lead the customer to the products and thus to a purchase, sales can benefit greatly from a well-designed website.

search engine optimization

Search engine optimization, or SEO for short, is about enabling potential customers to find your website, even if they weren’t explicitly looking for it. The trick is to optimize the content of your own site for specific keywords, which are then searched for by customers. Should the search engine optimization work, your own website would appear very high in the search results after the optimized term. This increases the chance that a customer will land on your own site and become a customer with a purchase. However, SEO combines a large number of technically very complex relationships. If you want to optimize your own site, you should seek the advice of an expert. There are countless agencies that only deal with the topic of search engine optimization, which should show that this factor can offer real added value. You can also place paid advertisements on Google, but organic search remains the most efficient way of acquiring new customers.

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