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What is WordPress? An explanation for beginners

WordPress is a software to be online create your own website and can maintain. WordPress is a Content Management Systemwhich is characterized by its wide distribution, its high adaptability and the simple configuration.

WordPress is that most popular Content Management System on the market and besides most widespread. Through the resulting large and active community comprehensive support is guaranteed. WordPress allows you to do that visual editing of web pages online and is very easy to start different requirements adjust. WordPress is almost infinitely scalable. With over 40,000 plugins, WordPress offers a huge functionality.

through the many themes you can do that too Web design by WordPress adapt very well and offers something for every taste matching layout.

More than 36% of all websites are now based on the successful CMS WordPress. WordPress not only appeals to beginners but also to advanced users and professionals. The open source application initially starts as pure blog software. In 2020, however, WordPress has evolved into a powerful content management system (CMS). Old CMS fell victim to the top dog WordPress and so CMS like Joomla or Drupal are a thing of the past. Even the highly complex Typo3 now trembles in front of WordPress and has crept into its own CMS niche.

But what exactly is WordPress? WordPress, 2003 as blogging software developed, is today the market leader when it comes to content management systems. WordPress is one Open source solution for almost all tasks, the one modern site or web platform has to fulfill today. There are thousands of them functional extensions, also called plugins, which offer the best solution for almost every requirement. through the large community behind WordPress the CMS is always in the advancement and is primarily aimed at web beginners. the high usability and also Customizability ensure an easy start. the five minute install facilitates a quick start to your first own website.

WordPress distribution

WordPress as an open source solution is the market leader when it comes to content management systems. According to W3Techs statistics, over the Half of all CMS websites WordPress. WordPress is by far the market leader. Other content management systems like Joomla, Drupal or Typo3 follow at a great distance. Nearly every fourth website is a WordPress site. According to their own statements, the current WordPress version was 42 million times downloaded.

The advantage of WordPress lies in the wide distribution. This results in some benefitswho speak for WordPress:

  • The large community takes care of that unique support.
  • Many websites deal with WordPress and so you can find it using Google quick answers to all questions around WordPress.
  • Over 43,000 plugins offer the right functionality for every requirement.
  • The very large developer community ensures a secure WordPress installation.
  • WordPress is for Optimized for web beginners and strives for particularly easy handling.
  • There are many WordPress freelancersso you can get help quickly from anywhere.
  • Vulnerabilities can quickly closed will.
  • Thousands of premium themes give your WordPress website a unique web design.

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How does WordPress work?

WordPress is based on the Scripting language PHP and puts all the data in one Database (MySQL) on the web server. For this to work, the web hosting provider must support PHP and MySQL.

Put simply, WordPress can be seen as software that runs on your own web space and so the website is generated dynamically. What does that mean exactly?

WordPress is divided into Front end and a back end. As a front end, the actual site referred to, i.e. what the visitor sees. in the backend can the webmaster enter content, create pages and posts and upload and post pictures. That’s up to the website visitor WordPress backend hidden. It is used by the webmaster to maintain the website.

WordPress Themes & Plugins

The Web design of your WordPress website can be customized via the activated WordPress Theme. From a technical point of view, a theme consists of CSS files and the Templates, which form the basic HTML structure of your website. Thousands of pre-built free and paid themes provide the Spoiled for choice when it comes to the web design of your WordPress website. With one click the WordPress website looks completely different. They can WordPress theme can be activated at will in the backend. So with the WordPress theme you can do that web design being controlled.

Over 43,000 WordPress plugins provide additional functionalities for your web project. This WordPress plugins are partly free and partly subject to a charge. With plugins you can use your WordPress website upgrade additional functions. The installation of a WordPress plugin is very easy and done with two clicks. Due to the large WordPress community, there is something for everyone any special requirement now a WordPress plugin.

Here you will find the best WordPress themes

What are wordpress plugins

Some examples of WordPress plugins are:

  • WooCommerce offers the complete eCommerce solution for your web project
  • WordPress SEO by Yoast offers everything the search engine optimization needs
  • Mashshare makes it easy to integrate Social Share Links
  • BackWPup makes creating backups your WordPress website
  • TablePress makes it easy to create and manage WordPress tables


WordPress – add content yourself

The contents of WordPress can be edited with a web editor (TinyMCE) to be edited. There are two different modes: the visual editor and the text editor.

The visual editor is a so-called WYSIWYG editor. WYSIWYG stands for “What you see is what you get” – in English: What you see is what you get. With this editor it is possible to without programming knowledge formatting the text and inserting images. The visual editor is similar in functionality, for example Microsoft Word.

The text editor allows the advanced WordPress user to work directly on Website source code to work. Here everyone can HTML tag used to edit the website.

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