Was ist das WordPress-Plugin? Wie installiere ich es?

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What is the WordPress plugin? A plugin is software that extends the functionality of a WordPress theme. This allows you to add many features to your site without having to do any programming.

Plugins can also be used as (Additional) modules be called. In some programs they can also be saved as Addons, add-ons, add-ins, add-ins or extensions be designated.

Where can I find WordPress plugins?

A list of WordPress extensions can be found on the official WordPress website. There are currently over 55,000 such extensions in this repository, all of which are free.

WordPress pluginyWordPress.org – Plugins

There are many features of free plugins that are enough for most standard websites. However, if you need premium plugins with advanced features, we recommend you start looking in code canyon to start.

codecanyonCodecanyon website

How to install the plugin in WordPress?

To install a new module, in WP Admin select Plugins ›Add New. Another option is to click Plugins in the administration and then click Add new at the top of the page.

Ako pridať pluginAdding a plugin

Clicking Add New will open a new list of plugins from the official WordPress.org website. You can filter this list by Recommended, Popular, or Favorite modules. You can also search for a specific WordPress plugin here.

WordPress zoznam pluginovList of plugins in WP Admin

You can view the capabilities of each add-on by clicking its name or by clicking the Details link. A window opens with the functions offered by the module. Here you will also find information about the author and the date of the last update. Click Install Now to install the selected module. This will be automatically installed on the WordPress website.

WordPress podrobnosti pluginuModule Details

Plugin activation

Then each plugin (module) must be activated. Use the Activate button for this step. For some modules you will also find settings that you need to configure. The installed plugin will appear in the list of plugins on your site.

WordPress: ako aktivovať pluginHow to activate the plugin in the administration


If an update to any of the plugins used is available, WordPress will notify you by showing the number next to “Plugins” in the WordPress menu.

Latest WordPress pluginyNotification of available update

In the list of extensions you will also find an update message with an update link. The system will notify you when the update is successful.

Before updating the add-on, make sure that this step doesn’t break the functionality on the page. After the update, make sure the add-on is working properly.

Deactivation and Deletion

Deaktivovať / Zmazať WordPress pluginDisable / Delete

The link to deactivate the plugin can be found in the module list below the module name. To disable the plugin, click Disable. If you have a module on your site that is disabled and you haven’t used it for a long time, you need to delete it. To do this, click the Delete link under the module name.

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