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What does WordPress cost? The WordPress website costs at a glance

WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems and accordingly many websites are built using the CMS. But is the development of the websites really completely free? We take a look at all WordPress website costs at a glance.

WordPress.org is an open source system. This means that WordPress is freely available software that can be used by all users free of charge. But what does free mean? Can I actually build and manage a website with WordPress without paying anything for it?

One thing is clear in advance: it is not possible to create and manage a website without costs. The subtle but crucial difference is that WordPress itself is free, but you still have to reckon with WordPress website costs. We’ll take a look below at how high they are.

1. hosting

To run a successful website, you need a good and reliable web host. If you want to create your website with WordPress, it can make sense to go straight for a WordPress hosting specialized in the content management system.

Since there is now a large selection of WordPress hosters, you should check the most important factors in advance. These include, for example, the current WordPress requirements (PHP version 7.3 or higher, MySQL version 5.6 or higher and HTTPS support), that the provider of your WordPress hosting works GDPR-compliant, the server location is in Germany and the web host is on HTTP/2 aligns.

With most web hosts, you can choose the right one for you from a variety of tariffs. The tariffs usually start at just a few euros per month. Depending on the range of functions, you should expect annual costs of an average of 50 euros for hosting.

2nd domain

There can be big differences in domain costs. The top-level domain, i.e. the domain ending, such as “.de” or “.com” plays a decisive role. Depending on the choice of your domain, the annual costs are between a few euros and in the higher two-digit range per year.

On average, your domain costs 20 euros per year.

3. Themes and Themes

The theme of your WordPress website is the collection of graphic elements that determine its appearance. You have the option of choosing the right WordPress theme for your website from free WordPress themes. However, the selection is limited. If you already have a clear idea of ​​the design of your website in advance, you will probably not find what you are looking for here.

In addition to the free themes, there are also many paid themes for which you should expect costs in the mid double-digit range. You don’t have to make compromises as often with these themes, you have the option of writing to the developers of the theme if you have any questions, and handling is usually easier.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for in the existing themes, you can also have one specially developed for your own website. The price depends on how complex and functional the design should be. The prices for a developer start at around 700 euros, but can quickly reach several thousand euros, depending on the theme.

4. Plugins and Extensions

WordPress is basically always the same. Due to the numerous plugins, users always have the option of retrofitting different extensions with plugins.

There is a wide range of plugins available for free from the official WordPress plugin tool. But there are also many extensions for WordPress that are not free. It is not possible to say in general terms how expensive plugins are. Because the costs are different and depend on the plugin itself.

Many paid plugins are already available for a few euros, but there are also few and specific applications for which you have to expect a three-digit fee.

However, pay attention to whether you buy the corresponding plugin for a one-time usage fee or whether you have to reckon with running costs.

5. Ecommerce Features

WordPress does not come with ecommerce features by default. However, you have a number of options for using plugins to expand your website into an online shop. The most common solution is the free WordPress plugin WooCommerce. It is an all-in-one solution for your e-commerce functions.

If you want to make your online shop even more professional, you can also include shipping directly. With the fee-based plugin Inventory Source (approx. 100 euros per month) your shipping information is sorted directly and the plugin also works directly with WooCommerce.

6. Time Expense

In addition to the costs mentioned, the time required also plays a major role. If you want to create your website on your own, you will have to plan more or less time, depending on your level of knowledge. The well-known saying “time is money” also fits very well in this context.

If you don’t have this time, you can also have your website built entirely by a developer. In this case, the time expenditure is completely eliminated, but you have to reckon with significantly higher costs. Depending on the effort, you should expect costs from around 1,000 euros, the more functions you need and the more complex your design is, the more expensive the development will of course be.

Conclusion: WordPress website costs are not free

Finally, you can see that the content management system WordPress itself is free. In order to successfully create and manage a website, however, you must expect some costs.

If you want to book the individual points together in one tariff, you will find special WordPress hosting with some providers. Your domain and hosting of your WordPress website is already included from just one euro per month and you have a contact person who will support you if you have any questions.

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