What actually is a WordPress theme?

The experienced WordPress user certainly does not ask this question, but if you are just thinking about creating a website, you may not be familiar with the term. So what is that, a theme? What does it do, what can it do? And how do you find the right one for you?

Determine the look of the website

A theme can be thought of as the outfit, the wardrobe of a WordPress website. So it determines the look, the style. After the installation of WordPress, the website is basically still naked. Whether you dress him up in sneakers or a fine coat depends on who you are and how you want to present yourself.

Examples of different websites based on WordPress themes

While the tax consultant may choose a serious and elegant variant, the freelance graphic designer probably prefers the extravagant solution with numerous gimmicks. For both cases, there is certainly a theme that makes it possible to design the WordPress website according to individual ideas. And mostly free of charge.

Supplied Properties

But the theme – sometimes also called template or simply template – not only defines how the website looks. It also determines the functions and therefore what the website can do. For example, display nested comments or ensure accessibility. Those who are good at programming can program additional functions into the theme of their choice.

Paid themes

If you don’t have the necessary skills, but have special requirements for your website, it’s best to take a look at the so-called premium themes. Although these are chargeable, they are usually equipped with a larger range of functions.
In addition, they often score points with optimizations that have already been made to ensure that they can be found in search engines and displayed on different end devices. And since premium themes do cost a bit, chances are you won’t find too many sites on the web that are based on the same template.

Find the right theme

Difficulty making decisions? Half as wild. The great thing about WordPress themes is that you can swap them out without losing the content or installed plugins. In case of doubt, a lot of time goes by trying on themes that are suitable for your own project. But where can you find WordPress themes?
For example on WordPress.org or via the user interface if you already have the software installed. In the page navigation you will find the menu item “Design” and behind it the menu item “Themes”.

Free themes at WordPress.org

With “Twenty Eleven” and “Twenty Twelve” there are already two standard themes to choose from. “Add new theme” takes you to an overview page where you can filter the available themes according to various criteria.
If you just want to browse, you can look at the themes recommended by WordPress that have been added or recently updated. If you then have a theme in mind that meets the desired requirements, it can either be installed directly or examined more closely in a preview.

Beware of free themes!

However, caution is advised if you are interested in a WordPress theme that not from WordPress.org, but is still offered for free – it may contain malicious code. And that has unwelcome consequences. As a rule, the malware infestation of a website is quickly recognized by the common browsers and a corresponding warning is displayed for the visitor. It is doubtful whether they will come back so quickly.

Malware infestation of a websiteMalware infestation of a website

For security reasons alone, it can therefore be worth considering spending a few euros and relying on a tried-and-tested premium theme. The website Themeforest.net offers an extensive selection, and it may also be worth taking a look at the offers of individual developers – you will come across them if you try your trusted search engine with the query “Premium Themes”.
Have fun dressing!

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