Upgrading from Free Lite to Full version

Upgrading from Free Lite to Full version

If you were using the free Amelia (Lite) version before purchasing the full version, you need to follow several steps to update it and use all the features.

Upgrade from free Lite to full version

The upgrade process from the free lite version is slightly different from the regular plugin update and cannot be done automatically through the Activation Settings page or otherwise. Follow the steps below to upgrade to the full version:

  1. Disable/delete the free lite version you were using before (all your settings and data will remain, don’t worry).
  2. Locate the downloaded zip file containing the plugin (the download is immediately available in the browser upon completion of the checkout process and in the emails sent upon purchase). If you haven’t downloaded the file yet, go to our Shoplog in using the credentials you received via email when you purchased the plugin, navigate to Purchases/Amelia and download from there.
  3. access to plugins in your dashboard,
  4. Click “Add New” in the top left.
  5. A new window will appear and you will see “Upload Plugin” – again at the top left.
  6. Click on “Choose file” and select the previously downloaded file “ameliabooking.zip”.
  7. Click “Install Now” and the plugin will be installed automatically.

You will receive a notification that the plugin has been installed successfully and you can click “Activate” in the same window to activate the plugin. Of course, you can just navigate to the Plugins section in your dashboard and enable Amelia from the list.

Please note that our plugin is approximately 7 MB in size. If the upload limit is defined as lower, you may see the message “The link you followed has expired”. If you see this message and are unable to upload the plugin through the WordPress plugins page, you probably need to increase:

  • upload_max_file size,
  • post_max_size,
  • max_execution_time

You should be able to find these values ​​in your php.ini file or in your hosting panel. If you can’t find it yourself, ask your hosting provider to provide it.

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