Uninstall and delete WordPress theme: how it works!

We have already explained to you here how to install a theme on your WordPress site and what you need to pay attention to. In this post, we’ll show you how to make your Uninstall WordPress Themes and you can delete it again.

We’ll show you what to think about. And off!

Why should I uninstall my old WordPress theme?

Your website needs a new look. You have already chosen a new theme with a suitable design and installed it on your WordPress website.

And now you’re wondering what to do with your old, inactive themes? We tell you: uninstall. WordPress only allows you to have one active theme anyway. Therefore, you should uninstall your old WordPress theme.

Keep at most one more just in case. All others should be removed from your WordPress backend. Why? For one thing, don’t change your theme too often.

Your theme determines the design of your website and thus also the recognition value of your website. Therefore, a theme is a very long-term change and you don’t need several themes in the back.

Since you can only actively use one WordPress theme, any additional ballast is unnecessary in your backend. And this has a negative effect on the performance of your site.

You can find more information on this in our article on “Cleaning up WordPress”. In short: keep your WordPress installation tidy and start with your themes.

Themes, plugins and other files slow down the loading time and reduce the security of your website. Be one step ahead of the competition here.

Let’s recap why you should uninstall your inactive WordPress theme:

1. Performance

The performance of your website suffers the most from many inactive themes. Every unused file, whether it’s themes, plugins or images, takes up valuable storage space and thus your website’s performance.

In addition, WordPress checks for updates for every theme, whether active or inactive. This also has a negative impact on the performance of your site and throws you further back in the search engine rankings.

2. Security

Security also suffers from too many inactive themes. For one, any inactive theme can still be found in your code, giving hackers more opportunities to attack your site.

In addition, the security of your website suffers from outdated updates. So you still have to update every inactive theme regularly, which in turn is unnecessary ballast, which then affects your performance again

What do I have to consider before I delete a WordPress theme?

So that you don’t make a mistake when deleting your WordPress theme, which will cost you endless nerves and time, here is a short checklist of the basics that you should check before you delete a theme from WordPress.

Sounds stupid – but everything has already been forgotten.

  1. Check that your WordPress theme is no longer in use.
  2. Create a backup of your entire website.

WordPress only allows you to have one active theme. You can basically save as many inactive themes in WordPress as you like. So far we have explained why you should not do it anyway.

To remove these completely, you must uninstall your unused WordPress theme and remove any content associated with it as well. That’s the only way it will disappear from your code.

If you only deactivate your theme, this content will remain active.

In order to thoroughly dispose of your WordPress theme and also to keep the code of your site as lean as possible, all of this linked content such as widgets and menus should be removed at the same time.

You should also check whether your images are still optimally adapted to the layout of the new theme. You may need to resize some images.

You can also delete all images that you no longer use. If you would like to find out in detail how to thoroughly clean up your WordPress backend, we recommend this article again.

Delete WordPress theme

After a lot of preparatory work and many things to consider, we now come to the actual deletion. As with installation, there are also various options here. We present the two most popular.

Delete WordPress theme from your dashboard

The easiest way to delete a theme in WordPress is via the dashboard. Go to “Themes” and “Themes” in the menu and select the theme you want to delete.

Select the theme details and select “Delete”. Confirm that again and your WordPress theme will be deleted

Delete WordPress theme using an FTP tool

This option is aimed at users who use an FTP client (e.g. “FileZilla” or “Transmit”). Go to your FTP client and open the “WP-Content” folder.

Here you will find the “Themes” folder. Find the theme you want to remove here. Right click on it and select “delete”. Your theme is deleted that easily.

Our verdict on uninstall WordPress theme

The theme is a crucial part of your WordPress website. Over time, you associate your theme with more and more content and expand it with the help of plugins, widgets, menus, images or anything else.

Your WordPress site is alive and growing. If you then decide to change your WordPress theme, this is not done with a few mouse clicks.

In order to act optimally for the performance of your site, it is important to proceed very carefully here in order to avoid unnecessary ballast on your website as far as possible.

Note the points from this post and delete any linked content. The security and performance of your WordPress website will benefit from this.

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