Understand WordPress plugins with this Call a Nerd tutorial

A WordPress plugin is an elementary part of a WordPress website. It expands and optimizes the functionality of the entire homepage or an online shop. From the important WordPress plugin such as Seo Optimization to small, technical gadgets, the WP plugins are offered across the board, most of them are free of charge or the basic version is free, so that you can get to know your new WordPress plugin first.

Which WordPress plugin do I need?

The answer is simple: what improves usability. In addition, of course, you should also generate income. With user-friendly WordPress plugins you increase the click rate, improve the information content and, in the best case, create trust. Here is a selection of important WordPress plugins.

King Composer – Visual Editor

A good editor is the basis for good articles. With the Visual Composer you work on a professional level. This WordPress plugin replaces the WordPress editor with additional functions, including practical content elements. You can drag columns directly, edit them individually or move your elements with the mouse. The King Composer facilitates the workflow and saves valuable working time.

WP Smush – Optimize images directly

Images that are too large affect the loading time of your website. Uploading the images and optimizing them at the same time is done in one step with the WordPress plugin WP Smush. Once installed, your images will be optimized and thus reduce the loading time. You are free to choose the optimization of individual images between individual levels from normal to ultra.

The Yoast SEO plugin

In order for your website to achieve good ranking results, SEO optimization has absolute priority. The WordPress plugin Yoast Seo helps you to design posts, pages and products according to Seo requirements. Once installed, a well-presented traffic light system shows you whether the headline and text are correct. The meta description is also evaluated with this plugin.

WP Fastest Cache – speed improvement

On a technical level, this WordPress plugin loads individual files and combines them. The aim here is also to speed up the loading time, which depends on various factors. Specifically, it is about combining and compressing the files. WP Fastest Cache also intervenes in the number of queries and saves HTML files on the server. This ensures that the requested content is not queried from the database, but from the HTML page in a shorter time.

Contact 7 contact form

So that you can be reached by email, you need a good contact form. There are many on the market, but the WordPress Plugin Contact 7 has been tried and tested by thousands of website owners. Web design agencies also like to use this WordPress plugin. With simple code and various configuration options, it offers enough features to design an attractive contact form.

Updraft – automatic backups

The wrong click and the content of the website is gone, tedious work lost. To prevent this from happening, protect yourself with the WordPress plugin Udraft. It saves a backup of your website and can therefore restore the content in the event of an unforeseen crash. The WordPress database, themes, plugins and the content upload of images and videos are secured.

The little diamond: Newsletter MailChimp

With MailChimp you have a great WordPress plugin for newsletters. In addition, there is an administration with various configurations in the free version. MailChimp is one of the most successful newsletter plugins for WordPress. Templates are also available for individual design. MailChimp also has options for subscribing and unsubscribing from the double opt-in procedure.

If you have problems with the installation or the setting for the selected WordPress, you are welcome to write to me using the contact form or the other contact options. Face-to-face discussions often help, especially when it comes to solving problems. In individual cases, it is then very helpful to know the problem in detail in order to be able to estimate the costs and time required.