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Twenty Twenty-Two – Released January 25, 2022

Update: The release of WP 5.9 – and with it the release date of the theme Twenty Twenty Two – was on the January 25, 2022 postponed. The exact schedule can be found on WordPress.

Twenty Twenty-Two will be the new default theme with WordPress 5.9

With WordPress 5.9 there will be a new default theme for WP. It will usher in the “new world” of block-based full-site editing along with some other block themes.

Twenty Twenty-Two becomes the reference theme for full-site editing

Twenty Twenty-Two, as a real full-site editing theme (better block theme), will certainly become the reference theme for most theme developers, as it comes directly from WordPress development and all new features for the block-based full- Site editing brings.

A page template with a sidebar is easy to create without any coding knowledge. You can read how to do it in this blog article.

Say hello to Twenty Twenty-Two

Twenty Twenty-Two is made for users

Although I think that the next WordPress default theme will be a reference theme, it is primarily made for the end user. With great templates and sophisticated page parts (template parts), you can now fully influence the design of your website.

Design elements and templates

Numerous page templates, various headers and footers and other templates are delivered. Everything – as always – for free use and of course customizable at all levels and areas. Therefore I am sure that you as a user will enjoy this theme for a long time and will be able to design your website very individually.

Font or fonts type

Sans Serif Pro – Light is used for the headings, which is supplemented by a Sans Serif Pro in the text. The fonts are included in the theme as Woff2 files. The fonts can be exchanged without any problems.

A few impressions

Screenshot homepage designhome page

Where is the customizer?

All WordPress users who have worked with WordPress before the 5.9 release know the Customizer as an important tool for giving the website a “design”. At least the logo and a few other settings can be made here. Depending on the theme, the customizer is a very powerful tool, including the individual design of headers and footers. Each theme is equipped differently here.

Previous location for the Customizer in WordPressPreviously: Customizer in the dashboard

When you switch to a block theme with WP 5.9, and that Theme Twenty Twenty-Two if it is, the customizer is no longer visible in the left sidebar of the editor or backend. (see image)

The customizer loses importance in all block themes as all design adjustments will be done in the site editor.

Here’s a wonderful post on how to activate a customizer. It works either with a small plugin or in the functions.php of a child theme. Full details on how to create a child theme for Twenty Twenty-Two can be found here.

As already written: actually you don’t need the customizer anymore. But we humans are creatures of habit…

How do I add a website logo?

Did you notice with the Customizer that you can’t (anymore) insert a website logo there? So far and with all other “previous” themes, it was standard to upload the logo in the customizer.

The new Customizer in the Twenty Twenty-One theme.

The logo can only be over the block editor be inserted!

One of the innovations is the full use of the block editor for the design of all website elements. The logo is also inserted in this way.

Fixed website logo selection in editor

If you search for “website logo” while inserting a block, the rest is probably self-explanatory.

Website logo in block editorThe logo is inserted via the block editor

It is possible to crop the logo, resize it and put a duo tone filter over the logo.

Curious about more?

If you want to get a taste of Twenty Twenty-Two before December 14th, you have two good options:

  1. You look at this wordpress.org page and follow the installation instructions.
  2. You wait until the release of the beta 1 version on November 16, 2021 and test using the beta tester plugin.
  3. There is a small example page with a design impression. You can find them here: https://2022.wordpress.net/
  4. My little guide to making a sidebar for Twenty Twenty-Two including live demo.
  5. My little guide for creating a child theme for Twenty Twenty-Two.

How can I help you?

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