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Since the alpha phase for WordPress 5.9 began at the end of June, there is now a roadmap for further development. The most important milestones are planned:

  • November 9th: Feature freeze and start of bug fixes
  • November 16th: Start of the beta phase
  • November 30: Publication of the first release candidate
  • December 14th: Release of WordPress 5.9

The following features are planned for the upcoming version:

  • Blocks + intrinsic web design
  • navigation menus
  • Interface for theme.json
  • Optimization of editing processes for block themes
  • New default theme
  • Additional design tools

We have already presented some of them to you here, here and here.

The following new features may also be included in WordPress 5.9:

  • Insert and create templates
  • Rollback failsafes
  • PHPUnit tests
  • Improved compatibility with PHP 8.0 and 8.1

The point “Rollback Failsafes” particularly caught my eye. This should enable WordPress to restore the previously installed version after failed updates of plugins or themes. I think this would be a great relief and I think it would help a lot of users.

There are corresponding plugins with which you can achieve such a rollback for plugins and themes, but this usually has to be installed hectically after such a failed update and many WP users are not aware of this option. Vladimir recently wrote about it on the Host Europe blog.

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