This is how you find the WordPress login URL for admin and user

This is how you find the WordPress login URL for admin and user

With WordPress, all settings are made via the backend. In addition, all posts and pages are created and edited here. Access to the WordPress backend is only permitted for the administrator and created users of the website. Here you can find a remedy if you have forgotten the login URL.

What is the WordPress login?

The WordPress login is a protected access to the backend. There you can create your content in the form of pages and posts and make all the settings for your website. Of course, this access is password-protected so that only you as the operator of the site can log into the backend.

New WordPress users in particular sometimes do not know how to access the login. In the following sections you will find out various options so that you no longer have to search for the login in the future.

Which WordPress login are you looking for?

This article provides help for logging into a self-hosted WordPress site. If you use the service instead, you will get to the login page here.

WordPress admin login

During the WordPress installation, the admin account created for your WordPress site. To you with this Admin Users To log in, you must first go to the login page.

What is the login URL?

With a newly set up WordPress site, there is usually a so-called in the front end (this is the publicly accessible website). Meta widget in the sidebar. Via the above link named Website Administration takes you directly to the login page.

If you do not have the login widget or it has already been deleted, you can also call up the login URL directly. Of course, this depends on your domain. In most cases, WordPress was installed directly in the root directory of the domain. The login page can then be reached via the following two URLs:

In some cases, WordPress is not used directly on the main domain and is only operated for a blog in a subdirectory, for example. So if the blog has the URL is called up, the login page can be reached via the following two URLs:

WordPress login page

On the login page you can log in with your admin user or your email address and your password. You will then be redirected to the WordPress backend. If you have forgotten your password, you can use the link below the form to have a new password sent to your email address.

WordPress login page

Save login URL

You’ve now figured out how to find the login page and log in as a WordPress admin. So that you don’t have to remember the login URL and don’t have to search for it in the future, you can simply save it as a Bookmark save in your browser. You can use this to easily access the login page in the future.

Login widget useful?

You may have been logging in using the widget in the sidebar. This may be useful for you, but it does nothing for your normal website visitors. Therefore it is recommended in most cases to remove this meta widget from the sidebar.

WordPress user login

You want yourself as WordPress users log in and find the Login page not? The WordPress login works as a user as well as an admin. Here you will find all the necessary information.

Link to the login page useful?

If a large number of users have to log into the backend on a regular basis, a link to the login page can also be created. The WordPress administrator can place this in the footer of the page. There the link is not disturbing for normal website users, but nevertheless easy to reach for all authors of the page.


The WordPress login for the admin and all created users is a prerequisite for access to the backend. You now know how the login URL is structured and how you can use it to reach the login page. After creating a bookmark in your browser, you no longer have to search for the WordPress login.

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