This is how to get started safely

This is how to get started safely

Despite the still growing popularity of social media and its channels, your own website remains an important part of any marketing concept. WordPress is the undisputed market leader. Thanks to its comprehensive themes and plugins, the CMS offers various design options for almost every need, which anyone can implement without much experience. However, when it comes to hosting, users tend to be reluctant. But there are now user-friendly complete solutions for this as well.

Setting up your own website is no longer as complicated as it used to be. Various themes, systems and plugins are making it easier for more and more users to enter the online world.

A portfolio gallery can be integrated just as quickly as a plugin that analyzes relevant factors and tags for search engine optimization.

First and foremost, the content management system WordPress should be mentioned: The global success of the system, including its tireless developer community, means that it is constantly being further developed.

But as easy as it is to create your own website without much prior knowledge: the topic of hosting leads to confusion among users due to the numerous providers and their different offers, making it difficult for them to get started.

The decision for or against a suitable web hosting model is mainly tied to the intended purpose:

  • How big should the future website be? Are there sub-domains?
  • How much storage space do I need?
  • Do I plan further website projects later?
  • What kind of traffic can be expected?
  • What will future email volumes look like?

Cloud hosting offers the best range of services

Cloud hosting is the best solution for simple WordPress hosting. Like shared hosting, cloud hosting uses virtual servers.

The difference between the two types of hosting is the server cluster used. While shared hosting accesses the hardware resources of a single server, the cloud variant relies on a network of several servers.

This has the powerful advantage that by distributing the server resources, extremely high availability and a low probability of failure can be guaranteed.

In addition, cloud servers can be scaled almost infinitely. The resources used can therefore be recorded and billed very precisely.

WordPress hosting with PixelX makes it easy to get started

Thanks to its cloud infrastructure and the configuration of the web and database servers, the WordPress hosting from PixelX offers the optimal conditions for the powerful and secure operation of a WordPress installation.

The implemented Plesk Oynx WordPress Toolkit ensures security, speed, scaling and version management. Useful functions for administration and further development are included as well as the continuous updating of the versions, plugins and themes used.

In this way, an existing WordPress installation can be cloned to a new test environment within a few seconds. Synchronization from a staging environment is also possible without any problems.

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