This is how IT experts rate their software solutions for day-to-day operations in IT

This is how IT experts rate their software solutions for day-to-day operations in IT

For companies, the efficient handling of corporate IT also plays a major role in the third Corona year. At the same time, the requirements for IT management have changed, since a crisis-proof IT infrastructure requires appropriate operational control.

But how do IT experts rate the performance of IT management software solutions to ensure smooth IT? The results of the comprehensive user survey “Professional User Rating: IT-Operations 2022” that have now been published show how software solutions for everyday operational IT and their providers are rated by experts.

In order to ensure competitiveness and ensure strategic orientation, the performance of the IT infrastructure plays a central role for the company. Ensuring trouble-free operation is therefore the top priority in the specifications of IT managers. Important helpers are the numerous IT management solutions that cover not only the management of networks, client structures and software assets but also the area of ​​the service desk. In this context, techconsult interviewed over 3,000 IT experts and had numerous software solutions and their providers evaluated. Overall, the IT experts are satisfied with the solutions used and their providers, but potential for improvement can be identified on both levels.

Providers convince with innovative product features

The IT experts surveyed are particularly convinced of the innovative developments and product improvements of the software providers. Almost every second person gives the providers a good to very good rating on this point. Especially in times of crisis, the providers of solutions have recognized the requirements and needs of companies. New innovative software modules, newly introduced concepts and features or the systematic improvement of all functionalities are criteria that are particularly important to the IT experts.

However, support and help with possible problems also play an important role. Even here, the software providers are convincing and 45 percent of the IT experts give the competence of the service employees a grade of good to very good. In doing so, the providers must always ensure that they are able to react quickly and efficiently to technical faults and to rectify them.

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Need for improvement in terms of reliability and interfaces

At the software level, the ratings of the solutions are overall on a high level, but with a few exceptions. The IT experts surveyed see a need for improvement in terms of the availability and reliability of the solutions. These ratings are below average, especially for software in the areas of client lifecycle management and network management and monitoring. Providers must attach great importance to ensuring that the applications function continuously and reliably.

The failure of an important IT management solution could mean that IT systems are temporarily unattended and therefore prone to errors. In addition, the IT experts surveyed rated the existing interfaces in the solutions as expandable. The results differ greatly depending on the solution: The interfaces of the client lifecycle management solutions are rated far below average, whereas they are far above average for software asset and license management applications.

IT experts want more social commitment

Even if the software manufacturers achieve good ratings overall, areas that can be improved can be identified. Only 37 percent of the IT experts are satisfied or very satisfied with the social commitment of the providers. In the area of ​​corporate culture and ecological appearance, satisfaction is 38 percent. So there is no talk of approval, which should be considered more in the supplier selection process against the background of the increasing importance of the topic of sustainability.

For a contemporary and successful appearance, software manufacturers not only have to pay attention to the highest product and service quality, but also to the communication of their social and cultural commitment as well as sustainable work. In addition, the regional availability of sales partners is rated as expandable. Only 39 percent of the IT experts surveyed confirm the desired user proximity, which is why software manufacturers should continue to expand their partner networks.

Further information:

Here you will find the detailed results of the PUR IT operations 2022.

About the study:

A comprehensive evaluation of the solutions was ensured by the two-dimensional study based on over 3,000 interviews. The assessments were made in the dimensions “Company Rating” and “Technology/Solution Rating” with a total of more than 60 individual criteria from 14 subcategories. With the collected user experiences, the Professional User Rating is intended to create a solid basis for companies that need support in selecting a new IT solution for operational use. A high degree of practical relevance is ensured by the fact that the evaluations come from companies that actively use the solutions or have had them in use.

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