These 4 tools let you find out an installed WordPress theme

Every blogger, web designer, freelancer or website operator who uses WordPress will sooner or later come across a really successful WordPress website that could definitely serve as an inspiration or basis for further development or a relaunch of your own WordPress website. At least in theory. Because if there is not a complex individual development behind the front end, it is usually one of the regular WordPress themes that are available somewhere on the well-known theme marketplaces such as Themeforest. But how can the installed Find out the WordPress theme and identify it so that it can possibly also be used for your own project?

Find out the WordPress theme using developer tools

Probably the easiest and safest way leads us to the developer console or the developer tools of browsers. Sooner or later, information about the WordPress theme used will already be found in the source text of the website, more precisely somewhere in the HTML code.

The developer tools are available for almost all common browsers:

  • safari
  • Firefox
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Google Chrome

Procedure for finding out the theme:

  1. First of all, the respective website has to be called up.
  2. The developer tools can then be opened.
  3. When you open the section, you can usually draw initial conclusions about the theme used if you examine the WordPress file paths more closely (search function: “/themes/”

The theme used can be quickly identified by embedding theme files, provided it has not been completely renamed or customized. Here the theme “Enfold” was identified.

Although this method is basically simple, it is only effective in practice if the respective website operator or theme developer does not rely entirely on individualization and a comprehensible theme name is available.

Find out the WordPress theme using tools

The internet wouldn’t be the internet if there weren’t some more or less useful tools somewhere in the corners of the web for this task, which automatically analyze the source code of a website and simply reveal the WordPress theme used with a mouse click.

We have put together the most common tools for you. It’s best to find out for yourself which of these tools is really useful for your application!

WordPress theme tool codeinwp

At first glance, the tool seems user-friendly and effective. The URL for the respective website can be entered and the theme can be determined via a simple search bar. In our test, however, only 25-50% of the tests were really successful. In most cases, the tool could not easily identify well-known themes such as Enfold or Storefront.

Which WordPress theme is this?

Which WordPress theme is this? is supposed to do the same job – and according to our first impression, makes it a little more reliable. If the detection is successful, the tool also shows directly which plugins are installed and activated on the WordPress website. We also get more information about the theme license, versions and the theme homepage.

WordPress Theme Detector – Free online tool

WordPress Theme Detector

WordPress Theme Detector

The WordPress Theme Detector tool makes it even easier and clearer for us. Even if the functionality is absolutely identical, the success rate of the scans is significantly higher and convinces with additional depth of detail on the theme used and the installed WordPress plugins.

Conclusion: Finding out a WordPress theme is almost easy

With the right tools, everything isn’t that bad. A WordPress theme is also easy to find if you know where to look. However, the tools mentioned quickly reach their limits if file permissions are strictly set on the web server, .htaccess rules prevent access to sensitive information or other restrictive measures are active. Often the only thing that helps is a manual look at the developer console – or very classic: That contact form.

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