Theme: Outstanding WordPress themes

Web designers continuously provide the WordPress community with new layouts and designs. There is now an unmanageable number of these themes. Phlow Magazine presents the outstanding themes.

WordPress allows you to design and program your own individual web designs. Numerous bloggers and web designers use this opportunity to implement their individual ideas.

Aspiring bloggers who (still) have no idea about HTML, CSS and PHP don’t have to do without an idiosyncratic layout. Because numerous web designers publish their WordPress layouts, the so-called themes, freely and free of charge. We have put together a selection of professional WordPress themes.

What is a WordPress theme?

One of the great features of WordPress are themes. Themes determine the look of a WordPress website. A theme is installed simply by uploading the respective theme folder to the server. These theme folders contain so-called templates.

This Templates are templates that determine the appearance of the various websites output by WordPress. As a rule, a theme always has a template for the start page, the articles, the pages and the archive pages.

You can read in our article what you should pay attention to when choosing a WordPress theme [»Auswahlkriterien für WordPress Themes«](

A selection of free WordPress themes

Our selection in a slide show.

Store Page https:/ / /theme/twentyfourteen Blog One Pager https://wordpress. com/theme/pique Photoblogs and portfolio Restaurant

Even more WordPress themes

The following themes are used by Automattic, the company behind WordPress, for their blogging platform This guarantees high-quality themes that will most likely be maintained and expanded with new features. An overview of all (free) WordPress themes lists more great and free themes. Here are the themes that I personally really like:

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