The top 15 of the best German-language WordPress blogs

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This list has been updated – see Top 10 September 2015

A few days ago, the blogger colleagues from Pressengers created a list of the top 20 largest German WordPress blogs. You just put together a list. What made me particularly happy was that we were there. And that’s why I wanted to do a real location of my blog and that’s why I made my own list.

In the last few days I’ve been asking around in several Facebook groups and the Google+ community who still knows good German WordPress blogs / text blogs. Good titles were always mentioned to me, and from that a list of 32 blogs emerged. Then I compared the blogs with each other. As in my small series “The most successful websites in” I used Alexa and its competitor Similarweb as a basis.

Now I am particularly pleased to be able to briefly present these top 15 from this list to you. At the end you will find the whole list.

The top 15 – based on Alexa data

    T3n is probably the most well-known online magazine after CTs. I’ve included it in this list because it keeps reporting on WordPress and other blogging software and keeps bringing very interesting texts that can be very interesting for bloggers.
    For many years, elmastudio has presented us with very nice blog themes and tips and tricks. Here you will always find brilliant ideas for your own blog.
    DrWeb is probably the oldest German blog there is. Even if it has changed hands in the meantime, the quality of this blog is very high. You can always find interesting texts about the internet, blogging or web design.
    Perun is probably the granny among the WordPress blogs in Germany. It has been around since 2004, and even after almost 10 years, this blog is still one of the reliable sources of information for WordPress and blog topics
    This blog was penned by Peer Wandiger. He is best known from his other blog, “Self-employed on the Net”. At Blogprojekt Peer always writes very interesting things about blogging and WordPress. You can also learn something here, after all the author knows what he is talking about, as his blogs are among the better ones on the German-speaking web.
    At Bueltge you will always find good hacks, tips and tricks for WordPress. I have often found the solution to a problem here. Above all, he not only brings code ideas and solutions, but always takes turns in the choice of topics.
    If you need an extension in WordPress, you can often solve this with snippets in the functions.php file. Here at wpsnippets you will find many very useful snippets. Almost nothing is left to be desired here.
    With the cultural philistines, you can find very interesting things about blogging, designing or coding. A look at this blog is always worthwhile.
    Pressenger, the culprits! Because of them I made this list. Pressenger is also a good resource for learning more about WordPress. You’re guaranteed never to get bored here.
    Yep, this is this blog. We made it to this list after less than a year. Of course, I hope to overtake t3n at some point – people have to have goals. I hope you all come back soon.
    Here at the monkey blog you will always find very detailed articles on blog writing and blog improvement. You always need a lot of time to read the texts here, but it’s always worth it. The Vladi, as the author is called, is always worth a visit.
    You would like to know how to create and maintain a blog, but you don’t feel like the chief blogger – then go to this blog. Here you will always find very interesting ideas and texts that can make life easier for you as a blogger.
    Even though I’ve heard that blogs aren’t social media, they belong together. Here in this blog you will learn how you can network social media and your blogs even better.
    Don’t worry I’m not a roofing blog. Deckerweb also writes exclusively about WordPress, WordPress events and plugins. You are looking for WordPress information – then take a look here.
    This blog is run by a team of women consisting of Kirsten Schelper and Elisabeth Hölzl. The blog revolves around WordPress and web design. Here you can see that blogging and web design is not only a male domain, but that women can also assert themselves here (Elmastudio also has a strong woman behind it). I also really like this blog because it is not only focused on technology, but also on events and web design.

Here you will find the whole list of the best WordPress blogs in German-speaking countries.

The best WordPress blogs – compared to Alexa

the best wordpress blogs alexavergleich - The top 15 of the best German-speaking WordPress blogs

The best WordPress blogs – in a Similarweb comparison

the best wordpress blogs similarwebvergleich - The top 15 of the best German-language WordPress blogs
ps if there are no numbers next to the URLS, then that has not been forgotten, but these systems have not recorded these blogs!

As you can see, there are big differences between Alexa and Similarweb and for this reason I will only consider Alexa from now on.

So I hope you enjoyed this little list. If I have forgotten a blog, then post it below in the comments section. I will be monitoring these blogs from now on and if something big changes, I will present you the new list again. We bloggers can always learn something from the best and that’s what this list is all about.


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