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The product workers: Are successful product owners givers, takers or exchangers?

In this edition of the podcast, product workers Oliver Winter and Tim Klein discuss Adam Grant’s book “Give and Take – Why Egoists Don’t Always Win and Helping People Get Ahead” (originally: “Give and Take: Why Helping Others Drives Our Success”) . In their conversation, they shed light on the relevance of interacting as a giver in the product owner role.

First, they explain in detail what is behind Adam Grant’s idea and what givers, takers or exchangers are. In addition to understanding the individual behavioral characteristics of the three types, some findings are particularly astonishing: The giver type breaks down into two clusters with different levels of success.

As a giver, you are neither less successful per se nor in any case more successful than the recipient or exchanger. And why are most people “givers” in their private lives, while in the professional environment they mostly act more as exchangers or even as takers?

The next question is what this concept means for product owners. Can people in the product owner role also be more successful as givers? What if you only have to work with takers or exchangers?

In particular, Adams Grant’s recommendations for “Powerless Communication” (more on this in the YouTube recommendation below) and the “5 Minute Favor” can probably be of great help to product owners.

The book made a great impression on the product workers Tim Klein and Oliver Winter, and both therefore give a very clear reading recommendation:

  • Adam Grant: “Give and take – why egoists don’t always win and helpful people get ahead”

As always, the episode concludes with tips on how listeners can delve deeper into the topic. Other recommendations are:

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The episode and further information can be found under “The Product Workers: Are Successful Product Owners Givers, Takers or Exchangers?”.

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