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The most popular WordPress themes and templates

With over 40 percent of all websites, WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems. For this reason, there are a large number of themes and templates to design your website individually. We introduce you to the most popular WordPress themes and templates.

Themes or templates are design templates that define the appearance of the software’s user interface. With WordPress themes, only the front end, i.e. the presentation of the website for visitors, is changed. The backend, i.e. the administration area of ​​your WordPress website, does not change when you choose a theme.

You can choose between free and paid themes from many different areas. With WordPress you can choose from the following areas:

  • entertainment
  • to eat and drink
  • travel and vacation
  • News
  • photography

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What are the selection criteria for WordPress themes and templates?

After you have found the right category for your website, the selection of WordPress themes and templates is still large. We are therefore presenting five selection criteria to help you make your choice.

  1. Responsive design: Is the WordPress theme only optimized for desktop or also for mobile devices? Many visitors use their smartphone to visit your website. With the “Mobile First” approach, Google also shows that a responsive design is important in order to be found by new visitors via search engines.
  2. Search Engine Optimization: A good search engine ranking is very valuable. Therefore, it makes sense to pay attention to search engine optimization for the theme as well. Some developers make sure to optimize the theme for search engine indexing right from the start.
  3. Plugins: WordPress offers you a large number of plugins that you can use to extend your website. For example, if you are planning an online shop, your theme should also support the corresponding plugins.
  4. updates: Regular updates are important to ensure that the design of your website is always up to date in the future. So make sure the theme is up-to-date.
  5. Support: Is there support? Questions can always arise with WordPress themes. Professional support is usually very helpful when it comes to individual adjustments.

Pros and cons of free and paid WordPress themes

As already mentioned, there are free and paid WordPress themes. In the following table we briefly and concisely present the most important advantages and disadvantages of the themes.

Free WordPress themes Paid WordPress themes
  • for free
  • often installed with just one click
  • quick and easy change to another theme
  • many design options even without programming knowledge
  • free support
  • regular updates
  • limitation of the design
  • often no support
  • often no regular updates
  • Often a longer training period is necessary
  • Support often in English

Three free WordPress themes at a glance

To make it easier for you to choose a WordPress theme, we present three free WordPress themes below.

1. Twenty Seventeen by WordPress

  • providers: WordPress
  • Price: For free
  • Active installations: over 1,000,000

At the heart of Twenty Seventeen is the look. The homepage of the website shows the screen-sized header image as well as the title and subtitle (if desired) when it is called up. Below the header image is the first of two main menu bars, the second menu bar is above the footer. There is space in the right sidebar and in the footer to insert suitable widgets.

Screenshot / Provider

The top menu bar doesn’t move when scrolling down and stays at the top of the screen. It is therefore ideal for navigating the main menu. The second menu bar can be used for social media links, which automatically appear as link buttons upon entry.

2. Sydney by aThemes

  • providers:aThemes
  • Price: For free
  • Active installations: over 100,000

Sydney is a powerful theme that offers businesses a quick way to create a professional website. The theme offers many customization options such as access to all Google fonts, full color control, layout control, logo upload, fullscreen slider, header image, sticky navigation and much more.

Sydney Theme Templates WordPress Themes

Screenshot / Provider

As a responsive WordPress theme, Sydney adapts to display on different devices, such as desktop, tablet and smartphone.

3. WooThemes storefront

  • Providers: WooThemes
  • Price: For free
  • Active installations: over 100,000

The free WordPress theme Storefront is primarily aimed at website operators who want to set up a WordPress shop with the WooCommerce plugin.

Storefront WooCommerce WordPress Themes IONOS

Screenshot / Company

Designed and developed by core WooCommerce developers, the theme not only integrates with WooCommerce itself, but also with a variety of the most popular customer-centric WooCommerce extensions. There are various layout and color options to personalize your shop, multiple widget areas and a responsive design, among others.

Three paid WordPress themes at a glance

As already mentioned, in addition to the free themes, there are also paid themes. In the following we present three paid WordPress themes.

1. New construction of Elmastudio

  • providers: Elmastudio
  • Price: 19 euros

The paid Theme Neubau is aimed at website operators who attach great importance to their images, such as photographers, travel or food bloggers. You benefit from the minimalist layout.

New build WordPress theme template

Screenshot / Provider

Visitors first see the large preview image of the first post and oversized text elements. When scrolling, the headline shrinks and fits neatly into the header. This always stays at the top of the screen and accompanies the visitor through the website.

2.Monstroid 2 by TemplateMonster

  • providers: WordPress
  • price: 80 euro

The paid WordPress theme Monstroid 2 is particularly user-friendly due to the easy handling of the editor. The theme pack contains a large number of Elementor-based components. In addition, many new items are released every week and are available to all owners for free.

Monstroid 2 WordPress Theme Template

Screenshot / Provider

All Monstroid users can edit their websites with WordPress editor “Elementor”. The editor also enables a quick and uncomplicated live preview.

3. ShoutOut by GretaThemes

  • providers: Greta Themes
  • Price: 84 euros

The last paid WordPress theme ShoutOut is primarily aimed at musicians who want to present their music on the Internet. Website operators receive a modern design and many features for singers, composers, DJs and bands.

Shoutout WordPress Theme Template

Screenshot / Provider

One of the highlights of the theme is the sticky player, which visitors see permanently at the bottom of the screen. The player allows entire songs or just samples to be played.

Conclusion: The selection of WordPress themes is large

There is also a suitable theme for every purpose. With the selection criteria and the advantages and disadvantages of free and paid WordPress themes, the selection will be easier for you and you can start creating your WordPress website.

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