The most interesting new films of January 2023

The most interesting new films of January 2023

January always stands out with a solid number of good premieres. This year was no exception. Here there was a place for representatives of the so-called award season, claiming the most prestigious film awards, and interesting film adaptations, and good comedies, and the next action films with the stars of the genre.

“Operation Fortune: The Art of Winning” / Operation Fortune: Ruse de guerre

Genre: spy thriller, action, comedy

Premiere date: 5 January

Where to look: cinemas

Tough British intelligence agent Orson Fortune must track down and stop criminals involved in the sale of very dangerous weapons. But Orson realizes that this time he can’t do it alone. Therefore, the hero joins forces with the most skilled colleagues, and also recruits the famous movie star Jenny Francesco to provide a reliable cover. What came of it – you can find out in the new film by Guy Ritchie from January 5th.


Genre: sci-fi horror film

Premiere date: 5 January

Where to look: cinemas

The latest technology does not stand still and one technology company has managed to create a unique doll with artificial intelligence M3GAN. Gemma, who developed this marvel of technology, recently became the guardian of her orphaned niece Cady. The woman decides to “introduce” the child to M3GAN, unaware that this will lead to tragic consequences. One of the writers and producers was James Wan.

The All-Seeing Eye / The Pale Blue Eye

Genre: thriller, detective, horror

Premiere date: 6th January

Where to look: Netflix

And this is a film adaptation of a darker work – the novel of the same name by Louis Bayard, which appeared on the shelves of bookstores in 2003. The action takes place in 1830. Retired detective August Landor agrees to investigate a grisly murder. The crime was committed within the walls of a military academy located in West Point, New York. A young, thin cadet, Edgar Allan Poe, comes to the aid of the protagonist.

“My Terrible Neighbor” / A Man Called Otto

Genre: dramedy

Premiere date: January 12

Where to look: cinemas

Screen version of the novel by Swedish writer Fredrik Backman “The Second Life of Uwe”. Tom Hanks plays grumpy retired widower Otto, who finds comfort in his neighbors’ criticism. But everything changes when a young energetic family moves in next to a lonely grandfather, changing Otto’s worldview in a radical way.

“Dog Gone” / Dog Gone

Genre: biographical, drama

Premiere date: 13th of January

Where to look: Netflix

This story is based on real events. A father and son embark on an unpredictable journey down the Appalachian Trail to find their dog. During this journey, the main characters must find balance in their broken relationships, as well as find a pet in time that needs a special medicine.

“Babylon” / Babylon

Genre: pseudo-historical drama, comedy

Premiere date: January 19

Where to look: cinemas

A month after the premiere in the US, the long-awaited “Babylon” finally reaches our cinemas. This is a new tape of the Oscar-winning Damien Chazelle, where an incredible cast was assembled. The action takes place in Los Angeles in the 20s of the last century – in an era when Hollywood began to move from silent films to sound. Different characters will go through ups and downs on the way to their cherished dream.

Fabelmans / The Fabelmans

Genre: semi-autobiographical drama

Premiere date: January 19

Where to look: cinemas, digital services

A new film by Steven Spielberg, based on his own memories from childhood, which he spent in Arizona and California, will also compete for the attention of the audience with Babylon. When boy Sammy Fabelman picks up a movie camera for the first time, he can no longer imagine his life without this miracle device. In love with movie magic, Sammy now knows exactly what he wants to do as an adult.

“Crash” / Plane

Genre: action, thriller

Premiere date: January 26

Where to look: cinemas

Together with Liam Neeson, Gerard Butler has long occupied his niche and consistently produces unpretentious action films, sometimes even several a year. This time, the actor portrays pilot Brody Torrance, who is forced to make an emergency landing during a storm. But the adventures of the hero do not end here. He soon realizes that he has landed on a dangerous island, where passengers are in mortal danger. What can you do, you need to save the suffering.

“My Pirate Wedding” / Shotgun Wedding

Genre: romantic comedy, action

Premiere date: January 26

Where to look: cinemas, Amazon Prime Video

Jennifer Lopez continues to star in frivolous rom-coms, which were especially popular in the 2000s. Darcy and Tom plan to have a lavish wedding in front of their many relatives. But the holiday is overshadowed by the appearance of criminals. Now, in order to save their relatives, the newlyweds must join forces and give battle to the scoundrels, unless, of course, they themselves kill each other before that.

“What kind of people” / You People

Genre: comedy

Premiere date: January 27

Where to look: Netflix

Jewish American Ezra Cohen proposes marriage to his African American girlfriend. And everything would be fine if the parents of the lovers did not think that this marriage has no right to life. Heroes must overcome numerous cultural, mental and other differences. New comedy starring Eddie Murphy and Jonah Hill.

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