the comprehensive manual

You are looking for a field-tested one manual or a proven one Manual for WordPress?

Then you are right here. ✅

you are looking for Training materials for WordPressthat you would like to pass on to your employees, colleagues, club members and course participants?

Then you are also right here. ✅

You can find the new, revised version here WordPress manual. It includes the “old” WordPress guide for Writers and Editors as well as the “old” WordPress manual for administrators and webmasters.

Have the instructions or manual in the different formats in the meantime more than 2,500 customers bought. You too can benefit from the proven and field-tested solution.

Content of the WordPress guide

The first part of the WordPress manual offers a quick, uncomplicated and tried-and-tested introduction to the technical-administrative Supervision of a WordPress installation, in the second part it offers a quick, uncomplicated and tried and tested entry into the editorial support a WordPress installation.

In the free reading sample (pdf, < 1 mb) you can see the table of contents and get a good overview of the content discussed.

The WordPress manual in action

You can either use this PDF for your own private or professional Buy use and/or use it as part of a training course at up to five persons pass it on: colleagues, customers, acquaintances, club members, training participants.

Who the PDF at more than five participants If you want to pass it on, you can also buy the Pro or Premium package. You can then pass the document on to up to 10 or 15 people. Here are the current prices:

designation description Total price (gross)
Base up to 5 users €17.79
Per up to 10 users €29.69
Premium up to 15 users €39.21
deluxe up to 15 users; without copyright notice €65.39
Campus and company licenses are available on request.
Since this offer, in contrast to the rest of our services, not aimed exclusively at business customers, the prices are on this subpage gross, so Incl. 19% VAT.

questions and answers

What is the difference between Basic, Pro, Premium and Deluxe?

The individual packages differ not only in price but also in relation to how many people you can forward the training documents to. The Base may use a total of five people. For example, you and four other colleagues, acquaintances or employees.

at Per may use the documents up to ten people and that Premium up to 15 people. The deluxe can also use up to 15 people and it comes without recognizable references to the authors of the document: the cover and the cover sheet with our names are missing.

Can you print out the PDF?

Yes, the PDF is printable. ✓

How can I buy the pattern now?

You buy the PDF version by sending us an email and stating who the invoice recipient is and which license you want (see table above)….

And what’s next?

after receiving the order e-mail, we will send the PDF and an invoice.

Is there a reading sample?

You can view or download a free sample of the PDF version here: free sample [pdf, < 1 mb]. ✓

How can I pass the PDF on to the course participants?

The PDF can be passed on as a printout or as a file. ✓

I need the document for more than 15 participants.

Simply send us an email and we will get back to you immediately.

I need the instructions without the reference to the author.

Write a short e-mail to us, then we will create a document without the cover and the reference to the author.

Are the “old” instructions for WordPress 4.9 still available?

Yes, we also distribute the Admins and Webmasters Guide and the Authors and Editors Guide. We will clarify further details by e-mail.

I have a question about the instructions.

Gladly by email.

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