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WP Themes for free: Popularity makes for a huge selection

According to their own statements, WordPress is the most frequently used CMS in the world. An overview of the market shares of the most common CMS can be found here in English. The origins of WordPress go back more than 15 years. Initially, it served primarily as a good basis for managing blogs, but over time it has developed into a high-quality CMS for users of all kinds. There are now so many free WordPress themes available that it is often difficult to keep track of them. The range of free WordPress themes ranges from simple, clean to modern premium themes, which are also geared towards responsive web design.

WordPress is the most popular CMS in the world for a good reason and not only offers a large selection of free themes for a long time

Numerous free themes for private and commercial purposes are already available at WordPress. In addition, there are also paid premium themes, for example for online shops, photographers, portals or communities. Companies and private individuals are therefore able to provide an appealing landing page that appeals to interested parties without much effort.

Free WordPress themes also come apart from a reference to WordPress itself without advertisement out, which would have to be shown as mandatory. The official portfolio of free WordPress designs is convincing on its own, despite numerous external alternatives of free WordPress templates, WordPress templates and WordPress designs.

Free WordPress themes for every purpose

At least the official free WordPress templates and templates are designed to be able to fully utilize the functionality of the CMS. Compared to other WP themes that are available free of charge, this often offers an advantage, since the authors of these Free WP Themes do not always work as carefully as the in-house developers of WordPress. The download and use of WP themes, which are available free of charge and offered on external portals, should also be treated with a certain amount of caution. There are many reputable portals (see below which ones they are) that offer free WordPress themes that are definitely worth recommending, but there are also black sheep where it may not be possible to ensure that the selected template comes without a virus.

If you are looking for a free German WordPress theme then you are spoiled for choice. Themes for private websites are just as diverse as themes for small businesses, business themes and affiliate themes. In order to keep an overview, it is worth using the available search settings:

For example, you can specifically search for white, dark, colored and many other theme colors and also specifically search for specific design or functional aspects. It is therefore not possible to clearly determine which WP theme is the best. However, it is no secret that many of the best WordPress themes are free.

Tip: With the free WordPress plugin Woocommerce there is even a very good solution for online shops available free of charge. A download in German is also possible. Even if Woocommerce could spread quickly in German-speaking countries in connection with free German WordPress themes, this is not the case at the moment. Although more than a million websites are now using the plugin, for a long time it was not compliant with German and European data protection laws. With the “Germanized” version, a remedy was created here, but due to the ubiquitous data protection discussion, the demand is still manageable.

Themes for making money: type of income can play a role

Of course, many free WordPress themes are also suitable for making money. For example, advertisements can be easily integrated and displayed at the desired location in the desired form with little effort. This is usually completely unproblematic. Also other important activities that play an important role in earning money on the Internet, i.e. above all search engine optimization (SEO), to achieve good rankings on Google, can be easily implemented and adapted. Numerous interesting plugins are also available for SEO free of charge.

It gets a bit more complicated if the user of a free WordPress theme not only wants to earn money with the content of a page, but also with its creation and sale to third parties. If this is planned, it is essential to take a closer look at the applicable license conditions. Some authors of free WordPress themes are very liberal with regard to these conditions and allow such an approach or only require their name or their website to be mentioned in the footer. Others, on the other hand, are more restrictive in this respect or forbid something from the outset.

In the meantime, however, there are many smaller providers who offer free WordPress themes for private and commercial use, but at the same time also offer agencies or designers attractive license packages. In most cases, a license agreement is then made for a manageable one-time or regular fee, which allows the resale of the themes without restrictions. This gives young agencies in particular the opportunity to have an extensive and attractive portfolio ready for customers with little financial outlay.

The most important sources for free WordPress themes at a glance

For reasons of clarity, we limit ourselves to a few large providers at this point. The following sources offer interesting, powerful and of course free themes for download:

  • WordPress itself provides an extensive portfolio of free and paid themes on its own websites. Users also have the opportunity to “visit” the themes and put them through their paces.

Apart from the official WordPress themes, it quickly becomes difficult to identify reputable and reliable sources. External providers should therefore be looked at much more critically than WordPress.

  • Free themes are always available as a package for free download from major trade journals or reputable companies. However, rather irregularly in the context of actions.
  • Furthermore, well-known and large theme marketplaces and providers such as
  • In addition to their paid themes, plugins and packages, they always offer free WordPress themes. But you have to look carefully here, because although paid offers are advertised, additional functions can often only be used for a fee. The respective license conditions are also usually more restrictive. However, the offer is definitely worth a look.

The harder you search for free WordPress themes, the more you will find. However, when searching far away from official and well-known sources, exercise a healthy degree of caution and, if necessary, check the seriousness of a provider. In the latter case, an exchange with other members of the WordPress community is also helpful in many cases.

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The best WordPress themes 2021 for free

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