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The best WordPress cookie plugins at a glance

Due to the GDPR, website operators are obliged to include a notice on the website when personal information is being processed. For this reason, we will show you why cookie notices are so important and introduce you to the best WordPress cookie plugins.

All website operators who place cookies for analysis or advertising purposes require the active consent of their visitors. As a result, these “opt-in solutions” have been mandatory in Germany since May 2020, even when using “technically unnecessary” cookies.

Obtain active consent from users with the help of WordPress cookie plugins

For this reason, numerous cookie plugins are available for WordPress websites. This makes implementation much easier for operators. What exactly must be considered when using WordPress cookie plugins?

One of the most important points is that all visitors must actively agree to the use of cookies (and comparable collection methods) before activation. This active action can be, for example, accepting an “Accept cookies” button.

Pre-checking certain boxes does not constitute active consent and is therefore illegal. If visitors want to be informed about the exact use of cookies, there must also be a way to provide information.

What no longer corresponds to active consent are cookie banners with opt-out notices. If website operators only give their visitors a notice that cookies are being set, this does not comply with the legal requirements either.

How do you recognize that your own website uses cookies?

Anyone who operates their own website should definitely deal with the topic of cookies. Most themes and plugins use cookies. If you connect your website to social media accounts such as Facebook or Instagram, you usually also use cookies from these providers. And thereby pass on information from your visitors.

WordPress itself also uses cookies, for example in the comment function. The name, the e-mail address and the website on which the people comment are stored here. This should make it easier to re-register.

If you want to control whether your website uses cookies, you can easily use a cookie scanner that is available online. You enter your website here and you will then receive a list of the cookies used.

What should a WordPress plugin for a cookie opt-in be able to do?

For WordPress websites, a plugin can usually be used to create a legally compliant opt-in notice for cookies. Since there are now many different plugins, you should check in advance whether the following functions are available:

  • Active consent: The activation of cookies is only possible after the active consent of the visitor
  • Different categories: Website operators have the option of dividing cookies into different categories
  • User interface: Activation and handling is easy. Nevertheless, the plugin can also respond to special requests
  • Block external content: Visitors can block external content on the website until they actively consent to it being displayed

What factors do you use to choose a WordPress cookie plugin?

Choosing the right plugin can be a challenge with so many to choose from. Nevertheless, you can use a few factors to determine whether the plugin fits your website or not:

  • Size and scope of the website: how big is your site
  • Type of tracking methods used: Which cookies do you use? So, for example, “technically necessary”, “statistics” or “marketing”?
  • Importance of cookies for our own advertising and marketing measures: For example, have you connected your website to social media accounts?
  • Previous technical knowledge as a website operator in dealing with cookies: How well do you know the topic before using the plugin?
  • Amount of costs for the plugin: How much do you want to invest for the plugin?

Which WordPress plugins are recommended for an opt-in notice?

As mentioned earlier, WordPress websites can easily incorporate opt-in notices using plugins. To give you a better overview of the various providers, we present five WordPress cookie plugins below.

Real cookie banners

The Real Cookie Banner plugin allows you to create over 90 customizable cookie notice templates with different design templates. User-friendliness plays a major role with this plugin: after installation in the WordPress backend, users work through a checklist that guides them through the entire process step by step. The result: A legally compliant cookie notice.

The cookies and other analysis elements can be divided into groups. The four preset groups (Essential, Functional, Statistics and Marketing) can also be individually adjusted.

Benefits of Real Cookie Banners Disadvantages of Real Cookie Banners
90+ ready-to-use cookie templates Time consuming setup required
Individual organization of the groups
Anti-adblock technology

Borlabs Cookie

A German provider is behind Borlabs Cookie. The plugin is one of the most popular WordPress cookie plugins that can be used to create a legally compliant cookie notice. In practice, the plugin is very easy to use, for example, cookie codes from applications such as Google Analytics or Facebook are already preinstalled.

With Borlabs Cookie, users have the option of creating any number of cookie groups. Visitors then decide for themselves whether they want to agree to the individual groups or not.

Benefits of Borlabs Cookie Disadvantages of Borlabs Cookie
Comprehensive range of functions Chargeable
German speaking support No Trial
Individual customization options No cookie scanner


Cookiebot is a cloud solution, which means it works on practically any website. The plugin regularly searches for cookies on the website and divides them into different categories.

Cookiebot can be installed directly in the WordPress backend, but registration on the Cookiebot website is required. The same applies to this plugin: Cookies are automatically blocked until the visitor actively agrees to their use.

Benefits of Cookiebot Disadvantages of Cookiebot
Works on any website Cloud based solution
Regularly checks for cookies Registration required on Cookiebot website
Blocking cookies before active consent


The compliance cookie plugin is ideal for beginners and is free of charge in the basic version. The setup wizard helps with implementation and the cookie scanner looks for areas where changes need to be made.

With Complianz, users also have the option of creating a legally compliant WordPress cookie notice in just a few steps and with instructions.

Benefits of Compliance Disadvantages of Compliance
Suitable for beginners No individual cookie groups possible
Free in the basic version
good support

Cookie Notice

The Cookie Notice plugin is one of the most popular free WordPress cookie plugins. It impresses with its ease of use and is therefore a favorite for private websites in particular.

The setting of a legally compliant WordPress cookie notice is possible in a few steps, even beginners can handle it without any problems.

Benefits of Cookie Notice Disadvantages of Cookie Notice
Easy handling No individual cookie groups possible
One of the most popular cookie plugins Low functionality
Completely free

Legally secure information thanks to WordPress cookie plugins

If you are already running a WordPress website, the plugins presented are ideal for quickly and easily implementing a legally compliant cookie notice. If you don’t have a website yet, you can create your own website with the help of WordPress without any prior knowledge.

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