The 8 best WordPress plugins for more digital accessibility

abilitools stands for Personalization on the web. On the one hand, we help with productive work. On the other hand, personalization is closely related to another aspect: Digital accessibility. This is very important to us. Unfortunately, the barrier-free design of a WordPress website often takes a back seat. One reason for this may be that the effort involved seems too great and you are still not sure whether the changes are sufficient. Luckily there is, as for so many things, here too handy pluginswhich one side with a few clicks can make more accessible. We have summarized the most important ones in this post.

All parties benefit from digital accessibility

Accessible design brings for a website many advantages with itself, and that not only for affected users. The nice thing about this is that everyone involved benefits:

  • people with disabilities it is made easier for them to find their way around the site without any problems and not to be deprived of the services and information. Without barrier-free elements, the website might be unusable for them.
  • If more people can easily use the website, enlarged that of course the number of possible visitors. That can have a big effect on the general site performance to have. A study has found that British online shops in 2019 Earned £17.1 billion less have since they did not pay enough attention to accessibility.
  • People who could use the site without barrier-free measures also benefit from it. Because you improved anyway the usability of the site. This leads to higher user satisfaction. The better usability of the site is also related to Google SEO honored.

With these plugins you can benefit from all these advantages:

WP Accessibility

This plugin from WordPress developer Joe Dolson integrates a small toolbar on the page that users can use to adjust the font size and color contrast. However, most of the functions take place “behind the scenes”. The most important features are:

  • Skip-to-Content Links for a better usability of the page for screen readers
  • Improvement of Navigation with the keyboard
  • Adding descriptions and alt attributes for images where any are missing

Contact Form 7: Accessible Defaults

When You Contact Form 7 for the forms on the site, this plugin can help you. This allows you to replace a new standard form with a version that ensures barrier-free access. If you install the plugin before Contact Form 7, this even happens automatically.

Text Zoom – to change the font size

This plugin integrates the function on your site that users can view their set individual font size be able. the settings are per user and domain saved. If a user changes the font size in an article, the adjustments are automatically adopted for all other texts and also noted for later visits to the site. The font can do both by mouse as well as be scaled with the keyboard.

Zoom widget to change the font size.

WAVE Web Accessibility Evaluation Tool

WAVE is though no plugin but a very helpful tool for any admin who wants to improve accessibility on their site. All you have to do is enter the domain and the tool will analyze how accessible the website is. You get a detailed report where there is still potential for improvement.

Accessibility Analysis by WAVE

Accessibility by Userway

Userway is a all in one plugin. It integrates Accessibility widget on the site, which provides users with a variety of functions. Visually impaired users can Font size, typethe Distance between letters and the contrast to adjust. In addition, they have the option read the text to permit. The plugin also allows keyboard navigation across the page. At the same time you can also adjust the size of the mouse pointer.

Userway’s Accessibility widget

Auto Image Attributes From Filename With Bulk Updater

The name might be a bit long but the plugin is really helpful when it comes to the barrier-free use of images goes. For all images where they are not available, the plugin adds the description, title and alt text. For this, the plugin uses the Image file name. You should therefore when uploading the images matching filenames regard.

Responsive voice text-to-speech

As the name suggests, this plugin allows your users to read all the texts can let. For this, a variety of 51 languages supports. The plugin also offers a selection of voices to choose from in the settings.

One click accessibility

This plugin is integrated like userway a extensive accessibility widget on the website. Simultaneously optimized it the page too in the background. Allows “Skip to content links”, which are important for screen readers to quickly find the relevant content. In addition, this plugin also supports the navigation via the site also exclusively by keyboard.

Accessibility widget from One Click Accessibility

Little effort with a big effect

As described at the beginning brings a barrier-free website many advantages with himself. The tools mentioned help with digital accessibility small effort to improve. So if you still see potential for your website in this area, you can select the appropriate plugins from this list and your page more accessible in just a few clicks.

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