Test WordPress theme

Test WordPress themes as admin – users see the running theme

Problem: A new WordPress theme for a running WordPress blog should be created! But how do you test the new theme without disrupting the ongoing operation of the blog? Sure, you can use a test installation for this, but this is not a really real environment!

Unless you do the work and set up a test blog about a data backup! However, this is a lot of work, which admins always want to avoid! So I started looking for a plugin that would allow a theme test in the running WordPress blog and wouldn’t disturb the running system!

You can also find one or the other tool in the WordPress plugin area that allows these tests! But as I found out, not all of them can be used optimally! All plug-ins have managed the basic task of making a theme only visible to an admin user! But when it came to editing the theme settings or designing the widgets of the theme, the wheat was quickly separated from the chaff! Only “Theme Test Drive” from Freediver did this properly.

The operation of the plug-in is very easy!

Select theme and activate this for the admin!

–> Done!

Incidentally, this setting is not found under the plugin settings, but under the item “Design” -> “Theme Test Drive”!

Once you’ve finished the basic configuration, you can slowly lower the access level to give other member groups (e.g. the editors) access to the test environment as well!

Conclusion: Nice little plug-in that is really easy to use and runs clean!


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