Strato has apparently lifted the file size limit

In my daily work I deal with many different hosters. Some are better, others worse. In any case, there is always something to tell.

A topic that I often deal with is backups. And especially in connection with Strato, this topic is or was error-prone.

If a backup plugin is used in WordPress to save the current installation, Strato often had problems if the website was a bit larger – specifically if the backup was larger than 64MB. This did not affect the root server, but the classic web space packages.

Strato seemed to have a limit that prevents PHP scripts from creating files larger than 64MB. On the Strato website, however, nothing was found about this specific restriction.

This limitation led to the backup plugin UpdraftPlus failing further service with the message “File Size Limit Exceeded”.

However, UpdraftPlus has published an article that specifically refers to Strato and describes the possibility of using a WordPress constant to get UpdraftPlus to use a different routine to create the backup archive. This is to bypass the file size limit on Strato.

define('UPDRAFTPLUS_NO_BINZIP', true);

What should I do if I see the message “File Size Limit Exceeded” ?

For a blog post (quasi the conceptual predecessor of this post here), I went on a search and also asked Strato.

After this tweet, I tested various customer packages that Strato has. Lo and behold: suddenly no more problems. Even backups of around 300MB archive size were suddenly no longer a problem.

Strato’s response came quite promptly:

The post linked in the tweet indicates that Strato recently removed or increased various limitations, such as the PHP memory limit. In the post itself there is no mention of the PHP file size limit of 64MB, but obviously this limit has also been lifted in the same context. So far I have not been able to find out whether there is another (higher) limit.

Overall, this adjustment is very pleasing, as the file size limit was one of my main arguments against WordPress hosting at Strato. In this context, I am definitely happy about comments that confirm or refute my above experience.

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