STRATO doubles the PHP memory limit

Have you ever been at the _limit? Then we have good news: STRATO has doubled the PHP memory limit. The maximum file size when uploading can now be significantly larger.

STRATO has been able to expand its platforms for shared web hosting in such a way that the PHP memory limit (memory_limit) and the maximum filesize (upload_max_filesize) are twice as large. If you have a Power Web tariff as a hosting customer, you are now available 256MB PHP memory limit available, previously it was 128 MB. We also have those for you maximum upload file size adjusted to 64 MB instead of 32 MB before. If you already have PHP 7.0 activated, the resources are already available to you.

Our customers have occasionally reported to us that they had difficulties with some plugins for WordPress, for example. This could be related to the fact that the PHP memory limit or the maximum file size for the upload were not sufficient. As a product manager at STRATO, we are pleased that we can now make it easier for these customers: error messages such as ‘Out of Memory’ should appear much less frequently.

Claas Heinrich, Head of Classic Web Hosting

Activation via the STRATO customer login

In order for customers to have the benefit, they must check their PHP version switch to PHP 7.0. This can be done with just a few clicks in the STRATO customer login: In the package overview, under the menu item “Databases and Webspace”, there is the option to set the PHP version. PHP 7.0 can be activated here.

PHP 7.0 is required for the increased memory limit. The version can be set in the STRATO customer login. Author Philip Wolf

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