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Or: website builder or not?

Often no other page builder like Wix, Weebly or Jimdo is mentioned as an alternative to Squarespace, but WordPress. WordPress is very well known and according to their own statements, 28% of the websites worldwide were built with it.

Both solutions be able lead to the same goal. Because you get your website with both.

Sometimes WordPress is the better option.

But I often observe that lone warrior like me messing around with a WordPress site, which would not be necessary. Because they could get it a lot easier.

So that you can get to know the differences, here I compare the two tools in relation to eight aspects:

1. The technique

First of all: These two systems are not equal. They have a completely different basis:

WordPress is a open system. That means the codes are open and accessible to any programmer worldwide. WordPress, but also Joomla, TYPO3 and Drupal, are among the best-known open source CMS and, according to Wikipedia, are the most used.

Therefore you can (have) program everything into your WordPress website that you want and what you wish for.

square space is available as a web builder closed system. Not everything is possible here. Unless you hire a Squarespace developer. But that’s another topic.

As a normal user who is satisfied with the existing conditions, you cannot do everything. And that’s the crucial difference.

I personally don’t care. Because I’m not a designer. I like to rely on the know-how of professionals in user-friendly design. So if I’m not scheduled to make a star-shaped button, then I’m fine with that.

2. Control over the tool

You install the WordPress software regardless of your rented web space and your domain. So you host and manage them yourself.

For some, this is a crucial argument.

Not for me. I’m a control freak, but there are limits somewhere for me too 😉

I find it convenient when I get hosting, web space, website design and even the domain if I want, all from one source and don’t have to worry about installation and hosting. After all, I have other things to do.

I also use countless other cloud services and tools that I don’t have control over either: Facebook, LinkedIn, handy little helpers like Evernote and Todoist…

So why do I need this? I save my blog articles separately on an external hard drive anyway.

3. Plugins

Through the open code and the large open source community of WordPress be able external additional functions (Plugins) can be freely developed worldwide. Therefore, there are thousands of useful plugins that you can install on your site. This is clearly an advantage of WordPress.

Squarespace doesn’t have any plugins. (That said, yes, there are even plugins for Squarespace, but that’s an advanced story that I might tell elsewhere. Let’s stick with the regular user, which I was a few years ago. Before I decided to use Squarespace- build websites for my clients.)

This is definitely a disadvantage for some. Not for me. because Squarespace lots practical functions directly integrated has, which you only activate with a click. For example, beautiful photo galleries and albums. Or signup forms for Mailchimp so you can grow your email list. Are here already fixed component. With WordPress you need a separate plugin for each.

The big downside to WordPress for me is that you use these plugins regularly update must. That takes time. And nerves. When these updates crash the site. what occurs.

Sometimes programmers don’t update their plugins. You may run into problems with the next security update.

Squarespace eliminates all of that. You update the platform and everything works. You don’t have to worry about it.

4. Live Demo

Do you change at Squarespace things on your website, then you see thanks live demo directly in parallel in the editor how the website looks without having saved the change. You play around and if you like the result you save. I love it when I save myself steps and time!

For WordPress, make the change, save, and preview. If you like what you see, you publish the change. If not, go back to the editor. And the dance starts all over again.

I always found that incredibly difficult.

5. Costs

The argument that is often brought up is that WordPress is cheaper than Squarespace or even free. That is not completly correct. Because you have to host your website somewhere, you need server space, and you also pay for the domain.

With Squarespace, you pay for the simplicity, the convenience, and the time savings. For not having to maintain your site regularly. And for the wonderful customer service, which is really great:

6. Customer Service

As intuitive and easy as a tool is to use, as familiar as you are with it, you need customer service again and again.

at Squarespace do you have 1:1 support, no matter which price package you choose. And that’s great (and even award-winning). There is also a forum, short, descriptive videos and detailed articles.

Squarespace has been available in German since last year. The 1:1 support chat is in English and so are many videos and articles. This is a disadvantage for some. However, the articles are gradually being translated. I can imagine that at some point there will also be chat and videos in German.

at WordPress do you have no 1:1 support. You can get that from your web designer if you have one. And you pay for it.

WordPress also has a huge community where you can get help. But you often spend hours looking for some info only to stumble upon outdated ones. For me this is a clear disadvantage because it annoys me.

7. Professional aesthetics

you get it with both tools.

at WordPress do you have more flexibility. Here you can think of any layout and have it programmed by the web designer. Exactly how you imagine it. Of course you pay extra for this.

Or you choose a layout template, a so-called ‘theme‘You like and transform it. In this case you are not building the website from scratch. You start with a basic layout that you redesign according to your wishes.

at Squarespace you always start with one basic layout. Here the layout templates are not called ‘Theme’, but ‘Template’. You choose one and design it individually according to your ideas: colors, fonts, arrangement of the elements …

For me, that’s not a disadvantage because Squarespace simply does the most beautiful layouts has at all. And they are completely customizable. This degree of flexibility is enough for me.

You could make further adjustments to the layouts at Squarespace with design kits that you buy separately from external providers. With this you buy the desired design elements. This is a bit more advanced. I haven’t tried this yet.

8. Maintenance

You have to maintain a WordPress website regularly. You will be told when an update of your theme, plugins and site security is necessary. You do that then. Or your web designer. It can happen here collisions come and cost a lot of time and nerves.

at Squarespace the maintenance falls through you path, because the platform does it all for you. And you paid for it in the package price. You save time and can put it into your actual business.

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