Special WordPress hosting makes sense? – hosting professor

WordPress is the most popular blog software in the world. With the easy-to-use Content Management System (CMS), now well-engineered software, you can not only blog, but also create a professional website.

Most web hosting providers have reacted to the constantly increasing popularity of WordPress and offer you special hosting packages for WordPress projects.

In this article I would therefore like to go into the advantages and disadvantages of such WordPress hosting packages and give a few tips on choosing the right hoster.

Pros and Cons of Dedicated WordPress Web Hosting

Special WordPress hosting is characterized by the fact that the hosting package has been specially developed for you as a WordPress user. These hosting packages are usually offered by the providers under the name blog hosting package or something similar.

The majority of providers who offer you special WordPress hosting packages have their web servers optimally adapted to the needs of the popular CSM software. Special WordPress offers offer you numerous advantages, such as the so-called 1-click installation of WordPress, automatic plugin updates, important Apache modules and a special web server cache.

While installing WordPress takes more than one click to get WordPress installed, once set up you can start blogging or designing your website right away, knowing that everything is already pre-set to work with WordPress your hosting package is running optimally.

Another benefit is that you don’t have to worry about maintenance. Many things are now automated by WordPress, and your hosting provider takes care of everything else. Updates for plugins and themes are automatically installed to protect your blog or website from online threats.

Many hosters also offer you free trial access for a certain period of time so that you can try out WordPress at your leisure and test the services included in the hosting package at your leisure and without any financial risk.

In terms of price, however, you usually have to dig a little deeper into your pocket for such WordPress hosting. Of course, the hosters are happy to pay well for the optimized web servers and that is the only disadvantage of these special offers.

Tips for Choosing a WordPress Hosting Package

Since many hosters now offer you special WordPress hosting, you should consider the following criteria when making your selection to avoid disappointment.

All providers promise you in their advertising that their servers are super fast, reliable and their hosting offers are unbeatably cheap. In order for you to be able to host WordPress at all, a suitable web hosting package must meet certain minimum requirements. Don’t be blinded by the ads alone, what counts with WordPress hosting is performance.

When choosing a provider, make sure that you don’t have to share the server with too many other customers. The more accesses there are to the server, the slower it becomes. Although installing WordPress manually isn’t difficult, even for a layperson, problems can arise. If you want to be on the safe side and get started right away, you should opt for a host that offers you a convenient 1-click installation.

If you want to install WordPress yourself, you will find numerous easy-to-understand step-by-step instructions on the Internet. Some hosters offer to install the CMS software for you for a small fee. Depending on your needs, you shouldn’t just list WordPress with just any provider. Dedicated WordPress hosting means no other software runs on top of the package.

You should also pay attention to the support, backups, security, sufficient storage space, flexibility and performance offered.