Special issue "c't Energie-Tipps" now available

Special issue “c’t Energie-Tipps” now at the kiosk

In the face of rising energy prices and the threat of additional payments, many citizens feel powerless. But you can do something against this helplessness – by producing electricity yourself, for example with a mini solar system on the balcony. This covers the needs of always-on devices such as refrigerators and routers and easily reduces the annual electricity bill by ten percent.

The new c’t special issue Energy Tips explains what to look out for with balcony power plants and larger solar systems for the roof. The “Generate your own electricity” section deals in detail with the current legal regulations for the commissioning of solar systems and small wind turbines for private individuals.

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The special issue “c’t Energie-Tipps” is about saving electricity and gas in the home and generating electricity with photovoltaic systems.

Readers learn after how many years the systems pay off, how to overcome the numerous bureaucratic hurdles, what to look out for in terms of technology and when it pays to combine the system with an energy storage system.

The 114-page booklet also deals in detail with the topic of “saving energy” – because this is another way of reducing household energy costs, protecting the environment and helping Germany and Europe to become independent of Russian gas and oil more quickly.

The “Energy saving” section helps to find the biggest power guzzlers in the household and to reduce consumption. The issue also deals with the topic of heating costs: 13 smart radiator thermostats are tested. Other articles revolve around, for example, energy cost measuring devices, smart meters and the tariff jungle of electricity providers on comparison portals such as Check 24 and Verivox.

c’t energy tips are available both on paper and in digital form. If you order the print edition for 14.90 euros in the heise shop up to and including August 2nd, 2022, you do not pay any shipping costs.

The digital edition is now available as a PDF for EUR 12.99 from the heise shop; the special issue is also available in our Android and iOS apps as well as on Amazon.

You can also find the printed booklet and the digital edition in the heise shop as a bundle for EUR 19.90 or as a super bundle of booklet and smart radiator thermostat for EUR 69.80 instead of EUR 72.89.

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