Shopware 6 blog (incl. WordPress import)

Are you planning to move from Shopware 5, WordPress or a completely different provider to Shopware 6 and are you worried about your blog?

Through modern API interfaces the possibility was created to import your blog quickly and completely to your Shopware 6 system.

This plugin not only offers the possibility your blog import, but also a full blog in SW6 createcontent too publishto care for or to administer. Stands up for your users comment section to disposal.

Present your content in the worlds of experience using the ready-made display options and let your content become a real experience for your readers.

The dynamic search form with pagination and category filters increase usability and ensure that your readers spend more time reading than searching.

Of course, it is not only important that the readers find their way around your site easily, but also that they find your site from outside. Thanks to sitemaps and SEO URLs, your texts will be found by search engines – come on now it depends on you and your content!

Does it sound almost too good to be true? The plugin is not complete yet!

For the future I already have more content in development:

  • Make CMS pages usable
  • link products

Do you have ideas, suggestions or suggestions for improvements or simple extensions? I always like to be inspired! Just contact me by email at:

Technical advice:

This plugin requires the current (free) version of the moori foundation plugins.
Further information can be found at:

Documentation and further information:

API documentation (EN):