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Set up customer area with login | online profilers

Many a company is certainly thinking about offering a closed customer area with login. This allows target group-related offers, photo galleries, downloads, communication, etc. to be made available to a specific group of users without the customer entering the backend area of ​​the content management system. In order to realize this, the integration of a closed customer portal is a good idea.
The following article presents 3 different approaches to implementation.

A closed area for your customers only

Do you need a website with a customer area?

I specialize in creating WordPress websites.

Offers at a glance

What can you do if, for example, a content management system such as WordPress is in use?

Below I present 3 different solutions in front,
how a closed customer portal can be implemented in a WordPress website:

1. With a combination of several WordPress plugins
2. With the WordPress plugin S2Member
3. With the software of WP Client

Solution 1 for hobbyists – combination of various WordPress plugins

The world of WP plugins hardly leaves a field open. With the help of the combination of some plugins, this can also be realized without a commercial solution.

Admittedly, this is not the easiest solution! But works.

How does that work?

Required plugins (incl. link to the respective plugin):

Instructions for setting up a customer portal using a photo gallery as an example:

  1. Create new user
  2. create a new user group (identical name to the user, since each user has their own user group. ATTENTION: do not assign a role here – please leave the fields blank!)
  3. Assign user to user group (first assign the corresponding group to the user here – select the corresponding user under Users, scroll down the page and select the group)
  4. Create gallery (identical name to the user, since each user has their own page/gallery)
  5. Create a page (under Access, select the appropriate group that should have access to the page)
  6. Create Redirect (via Peter’s Login Redirect)
  7. Integrate menu item under customer portal

Solution 2 – S2 Members

But I would also like to present a second possibility here.

Because you can also create a closed customer area with just one WordPress plugin:

Customer area with WordPress Plugin S2 Member
S2 Members (Affiliate Link)

This plugin is particularly well suited for paid memberships. In other words, customers should pay a monthly fee for accessing information, for example. But it is also possible to create a closed customer area where each customer gets their own user-specific page.

Here you will find a video tutorial from S2Member, which explains the procedure in detail.

S2 Member is very well documented and in fact quite easy to implement.

For example, to assign each user their own page (my account), please read the explanation of s2Member on the following page:

Explanation s2Member Using A Special Redirection URL — Dynamic Login Welcome Page(s)

Solution 3 – WP Client

Of course, there are ready-made, chargeable solutions, such as WP-Client, to integrate such a customer portal.

However, I have not yet tested this myself. A friend of mine from a web agency in Frankfurt informed me that the switch to WordPress 4.1 led to many problems, such as the visual editor no longer working and the support is very poor.
So I’m just listing this solution here for the sake of completeness!

My recommendation

I definitely recommend S2 Members!
And by the way! The free version, which can be downloaded from the WordPress repository, is sufficient for most requirements!

Are you planning a closed customer area?

Do you need a closed customer area for your website and do you use WordPress?
Are you looking for professional help with implementation?
Or do you just have a few questions about how it works?

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