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Security release: WordPress 5.8.3 closes gaps

Four vulnerabilities have been discovered in WordPress versions between 3.7 and 5.8. Security release 5.8.3 closes them. Users who have not yet updated to version 5.8 will also find updated versions starting with release 3.7. Until then, the susceptibility to errors goes back. The BSI warns via its Cert service that a remote, anonymous or authenticated attacker can use the security gaps to manipulate files, bypass security measures and carry out a cross-site scripting attack. One of the vulnerabilities is in WP_Query, allowing for SQL injection by plugins or themes that use it in a specific way, the advisory says. Another allows authenticated users with low privileges – such as an author – to execute JavaScript and XSS attacks in the WordPress core, which then also affect users with high privileges. Another bug with authenticated attackers is that in a multisite environment it is possible for users with super admin rights to bypass explicit protection measures.

In the announcement of the security release, the advisories are linked to the vulnerabilities.

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