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Recommended WordPress themes (simple) for beginners

For WordPress beginners, the first question is which theme is the right one. There are thousands of themes available on, which may or may not be suitable depending on the website builder’s goal. Unfortunately, the question of the right WordPress theme can hardly be answered in general.

WordPress for beginners / suitable themes

My advice for the right theme is therefore to start with a theme that is as easy to customize as possible and make sure that this Theme not only simple but also flexible at the same time is. This makes it easier to get started and keeps options open for future expansions.

At this point I would like to name two themes that meet exactly these requirements of simplicity and open-ended scalability:

  1. Generate Press [offizielle Homepage]
  2. Page Builder Framework [offizielle Homepage]

Both themes are also suitable for beginners and can be customized very individually. In combination with a page builder plugin e.g elementor you can create very nice websites in a relatively short time.

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