Rating of the most autonomous laptops in Ukraine - TOP 10 models of 2022

Rating of the most autonomous laptops in Ukraine – TOP 10 models of 2022

Laptops differ from personal computers in their ability to work without being connected to an electrical network. Autonomy is the most important parameter of a modern laptop. A powerful processor, a large amount of RAM, a powerful graphics card, a fast drive, a bright screen, etc. won’t matter if the battery is dead. We offer the ITC audience a dozen laptops with a good level of autonomy. All presented models are capable to sustain more than 11 hours* of active use.

*Approximate active usage time. The operating time depends on the mode of use up or down. Intensive scenarios can drain the laptop much faster. The autonomy level indicators are taken from the Tomsguide resource.

The table shows the estimated autonomy in hours and the synthetic performance of the processor according to the Geekbench 5 test in single core mode (Single) and all cores (Multi). More is better.

Rating of the most autonomous laptops in Ukraine – TOP 10 models of 2022

Model Geekbench Single Geekbench Multi Time, hour* Price, UAH
Samsung Galaxy Book Go 14 560 1650 11:03 13000
HP Chromebook x2 11 530 1600 11:07 29000
Samsung Galaxy Book2 Pro 360 1550 6650 11:59 70000
Lenovo IP Duet 5 Chromebook 560 1650 12:47 26000
Apple Macbook Air M2 13 2022 1880 8700 14:06 50000
Apple Macbook Pro M1 14 2021 1730 12000 14:09 73000
Apple Macbook Air M1 13 2020 1700 7400 14:41 43000
Asus Zenbook 13 OLED 1020 5400 15:00 37000
Apple Macbook Pro M1 16 2021 1740 12100 15:31 93000
Apple Macbook Pro M2 13 2022 1900 8750 18:20 50000


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Better laptops 2022

The budget model from Samsung starts our rating. A thin, compact and fairly self-contained laptop based on the Qualcomm Snapdragon 7c Gen 2 ARM processor. Manufacturers are increasingly abandoning x86 chips in the ultra-compact laptop segment in order to improve autonomy. This model can work up to 11 hours* without recharging. The Samsung Galaxy Book Go 14 features a 14-inch Full HD screen and weighs only 1.4 kg. The device runs on Windows 11.

Microsoft sees the situation in the laptop market and is trying to adapt its operating system to ARM processors. This is a good machine for surfing the Internet, working with documents. For its price of 13,000 UAH, the Samsung Galaxy Book Go 14 has almost no competitors.

Better laptops 2022

This Chromebook has a much better screen and form factor than its predecessor. The HP Chromebook x2 11 has a 2160x1440p resolution matrix. The device can be used as a tablet. With a detachable IPS screen, a cost-effective Qualcomm Snapdragon 7c processor, and undemanding but limited Chrome OS, this is a laptop that will suit the unpretentious user.

The device will be an ideal companion for those who only need a browser from a computer. The vast majority of people fall into this category. The disadvantages include twice the cost than the Samsung Go. And this despite the fact that the characteristics and autonomy (about 11 hours *) are very similar.

Better laptops 2022

Another representative from Samsung, but with a more productive filling: 16 GB of RAM, a 12-core Intel Core i7-1270P processor and a fast 512 GB SSD drive. Modern ultrabook with good autonomy and speed. The Samsung Galaxy Book2 Pro 360 runs on Windows 11 and gives you the feeling of a complete personal PC experience. The screen has a diagonal of 15.6 inches and a resolution of 1920×1090 pixels.

This laptop is capable of almost 12 hours* and weighs just over a kilogram. Good performance (1500/6600+ points for Geekbench 5) keeps it from being cheap. The price can “bite” potential buyers who like to save.

Better laptops 2022

Chromebooks have always pleased their owners with incredible autonomy. The Lenovo IP Duet 5 Chromebook is no exception. The model is capable of working for about 13 hours* without recharging. The “transformer” form factor makes this laptop more versatile and expands its scope. Inside (not too powerful, but economical) is a Qualcomm Snapdragon 7c Gen 2 processor, 128 GB of storage and 8 GB of RAM. High-quality OLED display should be highlighted.

Lenovo IP Duet 5 Chromebook easily covers the needs of most computer users. A fast browser is all that the lion’s share of home PCs need. Compact size and good autonomy for a small price. Those who need more from a laptop should look at more powerful models.

Better laptops 2022

An updated version of the Macbook begins the marathon of “apple” gadgets in today’s ranking. The Apple Silicon M1 processor turned out to be incredibly successful against the x86 competitors. In 2022, Apple released an improved base version of the M2. This chip added more single-core and multi-core performance, but didn’t make a huge leap overall. Approximately 10-15% performance improvement over the 2020 model. Apple Macbook Air M2 13 2022 lasts 14 hours* of active use.

Here we will make a small explanation for testing regarding subsequent Apple products. The models in the rating were tested in relatively “economical” operating conditions, that is, without a high load. It is thanks to this that laptops with x86 processors got into the list. When surfing the Internet or watching movies, they do not consume much electricity.

The difference between the Apple M2 is that under a maximum 100% CPU load, such a laptop will increase the gap in the autonomy indicator at times. And this despite the fact that the M2 chips easily outperform the latest AMD Ryzen 9 and Intel Core i9 top mobile configurations in terms of performance. Apple Macbooks offer good autonomy not only in economy mode, but also at maximum load.

For its value, the 2022 Apple Macbook Air M2 13 has no competition. It literally destroys any other brands in terms of performance to autonomy. Nearly 9,000 Geekbench 5 Multi scores and superb single-core performance.

Better laptops 2022

The 2021 M1 Pro version of the Macbook performs slightly better, but the difference is still within the margin of error. The user is guaranteed to get 14 hours* of active work on the laptop. The Apple Macbook Pro M1 14 2021 loses somewhat in terms of single-core performance to models based on the M2 chip. In Geekbench Multi mode, on the contrary – 12,000 points. This is an amazing result for such a compact and mobile device with excellent battery life. The Pro version is also equipped with active cooling.

The device is suitable for professionals working with video, programming, etc. It looks fragile, but inside is a real performance monster. The 2021 Apple Macbook Pro M1 14 has a hefty price tag, although finding a more powerful counterpart in this range will be quite difficult. And if you take into account the indicator of autonomy, this is impossible. He gets a well-deserved place in our ranking.

Better laptops 2022

It was the laptop that started a new era in the computer market – the 2020 Apple Macbook Air M1 13 was the first device to receive the Apple Silicon M 1 chip. Good performance and autonomy of almost 15 hours * deservedly brought it to this list. This is the cheapest Apple laptop in this ranking. For 43,000 hryvnia, it is not easy to find a laptop with such a battery life and a processor that scores more than 1,700 points for Geekbench Single. Apple Macbook Air M1 13 2020 has no direct competitors. That is why it immediately became a bestseller all over the world.

It should be noted consistently high quality screens in “apple” laptops. The high resolution of 2560×1600 pixels at 13 inches gives a beautiful picture. Good displays are the hallmark of all Apple technology. You can find OLED models from other brands on the market that can outperform Retina Display in terms of contrast and brightness, but get ready for biting price tags and reduced battery life.

Better laptops 2022

Finally, a laptop that can momentarily interrupt Apple’s invincible march in the ranking of the most autonomous laptops of 2022 is the Asus Zenbook 13 OLED. In economy mode, this model can work up to 15 hours*. Of course, you should not count on such an indicator with a high load. This is the disadvantage of all “classic” processors over “mobile” ones. CPU x86 architecture can consume a lot of energy when fully utilized.

A beautiful OLED screen will quickly “eat” the battery at maximum brightness. But under the right conditions and economical operation, this is the laptop that will work for more than a week of time for 1-2 hours every day.

The Asus Zenbook 13 OLED is a compact and attractive laptop with good hardware: an 8-core processor with good integrated graphics, 16 GB of RAM and a fast 512 GB storage. The Zenbook weighs just over a kilogram. For the price, it offers a good balance of features and will definitely suit those who need a Windows machine rather than Mac OS.

Better laptops 2022

A high-end laptop with the best performance in our ranking. The 16-inch version is suitable for those who have to spend a lot of time in front of the ultrabook screen. The Apple Macbook Pro M1 16 2021 offers not only good performance, but also autonomy.

The device is capable of operating for fifteen and a half hours*. Although the manufacturer claims an indicator of up to 21 hours with the most efficient use. Knowing how economical the M1 processor is, you can believe it. The figure begins to amaze after the user feels the performance of this crumb.

Over 12,000 points for Geekbench 5 Multi is an unattainable level for many desktop 100+W CPUs in 2021, not to mention laptop versions. The differences between the pro version are not only active cooling and a larger screen. 16-core graphics chip doubles performance in professional applications. The 2021 Apple Macbook Pro M1 16 is a unique device. It gives autonomy to compact Chromebooks and the power of a full-fledged modern system unit at the same time.

Better laptops 2022

The autonomy champion among modern ultrabooks completes our selection. The improved M2 chip remains as energy efficient as its predecessor. The Apple Macbook Pro M2 13 2022 is capable of running for over 18 hours*. This will allow the wearer to use it for 60 minutes a day for two weeks.

The advantages of all Apple Silicon models include a very low level of self-discharge. Even during “sleep” the M2 chip consumes significantly less power than x86 processors. The price for the 13-inch PRO version is within UAH 50,000. Qualitatively, aesthetically, powerfully. Not too cheap, but against the background of others, the cost no longer looks insane.


We’ve rounded up a dozen standalone laptops that can last over 11 hours of active use with the screen on (no heavy usage). Of course, you can land your laptop much faster by cranking the brightness to 100% or playing demanding games.

The termination of the agreement between Intel and Apple has really brought competition, a fresh look at competitors, and incredibly autonomous laptops. And this is a benefit for the end user. Therefore, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find standalone laptops based on x86 processors. For those who really need a Windows environment, you can choose economical AMD / Intel.

The niche of cheap, simple tablets and laptops is occupied by Qualcomm. They make good processors, but they look incredibly weak in relation to Apple Silicon. And the Apple M1 / ​​M2 chips offered users a certain ultimate option. Good autonomy and performance in one bottle.

*Autonomy rates are from Tomsguide research.

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