Rating of the best air conditioners for heating in Ukraine - TOP-10 models

Rating of the best air conditioners for heating in Ukraine – TOP-10 models

The next heating season threatens to be a real test for Ukrainians. Therefore, now is the time to think about alternative heat sources. One reasonable solution to this issue is to install an air conditioner with a heating function.


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Previously, it was believed that heating the air with an air conditioner is unprofitable. But, contrary to stereotypes, inverter split systems are able to heat the air as efficiently as they can cool it. At the same time, they are more economical than traditional heaters and allow you to maintain a comfortable temperature in the room throughout the year.

We have compiled a list of the best, in our opinion, air conditioners for heating homes. We hope this collection will help you make the right choice. And if you missed some cool models that you use, then write their names in the comments.

Tosot GV-24W2S

The heat pump Tosot GV-24W2S combines elegant design and the latest technology. Under the smooth curves of its body is a two-stage inverter compressor with G10 technology. Thanks to this, the brainchild of Chinese engineers from Gree Electric boasts high energy efficiency.

To be precise, when working for heating, the COP coefficient (the ratio of generated heat to consumed power) of the GV-24W2S is 5.3 (A +++). In other words, consuming 1 kW of electricity, the air conditioner produces 5.3 kW of heat. As a result, electricity costs are significantly reduced, which makes the purchase of this model justified despite the price tag of 61,000 hryvnias.

Pros: wide temperature range when working for heating (up to -30°C), excellent energy efficiency, attractive design, Wi-Fi remote control

Minuses: high price tag

LG Standard Plus PC12SQ

The LG Standard Plus PC12SQ model from the Korean manufacturer received an innovative DUAL Inverter compressor with a ten-year warranty. As a result, the air conditioner cools and heats the air faster, runs quieter and saves energy.

A set of proprietary technologies is responsible for the convenience of users. This is how the LG Active Energy Control regulates energy consumption. And the LG SmartThinQ app allows you to control the device via your Android or iOS smartphone.

Heating of a room of 35 m² is possible at temperatures down to -15°C. But there are fewer pluses in the energy efficiency ratio (A ++) than in the previous model. Although, against the general background, COP 3.81 can be considered a strong average.

Pros: low noise level, antibacterial double protection filter, external unit covered with Gold Fin protective coating, control via Wi-Fi

Minuses: not the most convenient remote control


Powerful inverter air conditioner Samsung AR24BXHCNWKNUA is suitable for rooms up to 70 m². The manufacturer claims that the model can work for heating at temperatures up to -15°C. Its energy efficiency corresponds to the class “A ++”.

Of the additional options, there is the WindFree function, which provides comfortable cooling without drafts. The Freeze Wash function allows you to clean the heat exchanger of the indoor unit by freezing. And Triple Protector Plus technology reliably protects the air conditioner from power surges, which can be a serious plus in conditions of unstable power supply.

Pros: modern antibacterial filter, increased durability of the heat exchanger, triple protection against power surges

Minuses: price, no control via Wi-Fi


Inverter air conditioner COOPER&HUNTER CH-S09FTXLA2-NG is specially designed for heat operation in northern countries. This is directly indicated by the name of the series – Arctic Inverter. The model can heat a room of 25 m² at air temperatures down to -25°C.

Of the features, we note the heating of the pallet and the compressor. The intelligent defrost function automatically diagnoses and protects the outdoor unit from icing. To this must be added a special algorithm that ensures efficient operation in severe frosts. In short, everything you need for stable heating in the most severe winters. And only for 28690 hryvnia.

Pros: specially designed for the northern regions, operating temperature range from -25°C to + 54°C, equipped with a self-diagnostic system for the main units, a self-cleaning system eliminates mold formation, the highest efficiency class (A +++), control from a smartphone

Minuses: inconvenient mobile app

Mitsubishi Heavy SRK20ZSPR-S/SRC20ZSPR-S

Conservative model Mitsubishi Heavy SRK20ZSPR-S/SRC20ZSPR-S from a well-known Japanese manufacturer. Its laconic indoor unit will easily fit into any interior of a residential and office space up to 20 meters.

The air conditioner automatically selects the heating mode, has the functions of saving energy, air distribution and comfort. The defrost mode automatically removes frozen ice and helps to reduce energy costs. The minimum temperature for heating is -15°C. But energy efficiency by today’s times is not the highest and belongs to class “A”. You can buy a classic “Japanese” for 26,040 hryvnia.

Pros: rugged die-cast housing, high build quality, low vibration, time-tested and reliable design

Minuses: uses outdated and less efficient (compared to R32) R410 freon, discreet design, not the most convenient remote control, no control via Wi-Fi


According to the manufacturer, the TCL TAC-09CHSD/XAB1 split system combines the advantages of classic models and many innovations. The air conditioner is adapted to sub-zero temperatures down to -20°C, which is not so common in budget category devices.
The distinctive features of TCL TAC-09CHSD/XAB1 include low noise level, warm room support function, LED display on the indoor unit, Wi-Fi control option. The COP coefficient is 3.73, which can be considered an average value. The device is sold at a price of 18,000 hryvnia.

Pros: adaptation to low temperatures, nice design, Wi-Fi

Minuses: not the highest energy efficiency class


GREE GWH07QA-K3DNA2C is another model from Gree Electric in our review, but this time in the middle price range. By the way, now it can be purchased at a significant discount. So it makes sense to take a closer look.

The characteristics of the air conditioner do not stand out from the competition. GREE GWH07QA-K3DNA2C is an inverter type wall split system. It can work for heating at temperatures up to -15 degrees Celsius in rooms up to 20 square meters. Equipped with a standard set of proprietary technologies and has frost protection for the outdoor unit.

Pros: low voltage start capability, quiet operation, I Feel function, increased protection of the heat exchanger against corrosion

Minuses: customers complain that there is no side protection cover on the outdoor unit

Nordis NDI-S09TC1

Inverter air conditioner Nordis NDI-S09TC1 from a Scandinavian manufacturer combines modern technology and a reasonable price. It is designed for cooling and heating apartments and offices up to 26 m².

The model has a stylish design and a fairly high energy efficiency class (A ++). It is equipped with a number of modern technologies for comfortable use. The 30-minute self-cleaning program effectively removes dust and bacteria. And an optional temperature sensor in the remote control allows the device to precisely control the temperature in the back of the room.

Pros: heating operation is possible at air temperatures up to -20°C, plasma ionizer, built-in Wi-Fi module

Minuses: at a price of 17480 hryvnia not found


The Korean brand Hyundai is associated with us primarily with cars. But the factories of the corporation produce thousands of goods from marine vessels to air conditioners. One of them – Hyundai ARN07HSSUAWF1 got into our review for a combination of low price and acceptable performance.

Inverter technology allows the split system to work confidently for heating at outdoor temperatures down to -15°C. At the same time, the budget device uses outdated R410 freon and has a rather low energy efficiency class (A).

Pros: cheap and efficient

Minuses: noisy outdoor unit, freon R410, inconvenient remote control


LEBERG LS-07OL2/LU-07OL2 can only conditionally be attributed to air conditioners suitable for heating a home in winter. But still, it’s interesting what you can get for 10,000 hryvnia, so we added it to the review.

So, we have a basic model of a non-inverter type, which means that you can not count on its special economy (A). The mode of operation for heat is limited by a temperature of -7 ° C, which is clearly not enough for most Ukrainian winters. In a word, for 10 thousand you can also buy a budget air conditioner with a heating function. But it is suitable only for the southern regions with a mild climate.

Pros: low price, built-in LED display, compressor from Toshiba

Minuses: can hardly be used as the main device for heating

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