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Convenient and flexible: Create your own website with WordPress

Originally developed as software for creating weblogs (short: blogs), WordPress is now one of the most popular and widely used content management systems (CMS) worldwide. Even large international companies use it for their website. Because with the web-based software, a professional website can be created quickly and easily and can also be flexibly further developed. With numerous themes (design templates) and over 20,000 plug-ins (functional extensions), WordPress offers the largest selection of design and expansion options for your website – and always under optimal security conditions. With WordPress it is very easy to create a website and link it to other sites. With the WordPress packages, STRATO takes care of the entire installation for you, with just a few clicks.

  • Web-based CMS: Can be edited from any location

  • Easy installation of the CMS with just a few clicks

  • Automatic updates and backups

  • Numerous themes available for free

  • WordPress themes in responsive design possible or with Elementor

  • With WooCommerce included for your shop

STRATO WordPress Hosting Video

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Home page with WordPress

With just a few clicks to the WordPress website at STRATO

With the STRATO WordPress package you get everything you need for your web project and create your personal WordPress homepage in as few steps as possible. All you have to do is decide on which domain or subdomain WordPress should be installed and with which username and password you would like to log into WordPress. Working with WordPress is also made easier for you by WordPress tutorials, which you can find on the Internet.

WordPress theme

What are WordPress themes?

WordPress themes are the different layouts for WordPress as a CMS or as a weblog. Inexperienced users in particular benefit from the fact that the appearance of their website can be changed quickly and easily.
If you want to check which WordPress themes are available, you can do this via your own theme browser in the WordPress administration: If you click on “Themes” there on the left, you will get an overview of WordPress themes that you can use for free.
If you would like to use a different theme than the one that was installed by default at the beginning, switching from one layout to another is very easy: click on the theme image and you will be shown a preview of what your homepage will look like with this layout would. If you like the selected design, simply click on “Apply” – the design is already exchanged.

Website with WordPress in responsive design

WordPress themes in responsive design

The developers of WordPress themes are adapting to the general trend and are increasingly designing WordPress themes with a responsive design. The trend is that websites are increasingly accessed via smartphones and tablets, which have a much smaller display than the now large-format desktop screens. You are welcome to try out how responsive design works with the STRATO blog: Depending on whether you are looking at the site with a desktop PC or a smartphone, you will find that the layout and design as a whole adapt to the respective device . WordPress themes with responsive design are usually marked as such, so you know right away whether a theme works with this current technology.

Design your own WordPress themes

Design your own WordPress themes

For users with sufficient programming knowledge, it is possible to create WordPress themes themselves: As a programmer, you either download certain templates from the Internet for the sake of simplicity and for practice and change them, or you write the themes completely yourself. The advantage is that in this way a tailor-made theme can be created that exactly meets all the requirements of your own homepage. The structure and functionalities of WordPress are well documented, so that people with prior knowledge of HTML, CSS, PHP and MySQL can easily learn about the options for building their own WordPress themes. So that you can finally upload and activate your self-designed theme, all you need is an FTP program on your computer.
Since WordPress lives from the community idea, other users will of course also be happy if you make your self-designed WordPress theme available to others.

WordPress Themes in German

Why WordPress Themes in German?

Imagine you’ve discovered a really nice theme that’s exactly what you’re looking for. Unfortunately, this theme only speaks English, which means: All sentences that are output via the theme (e.g.: “Your search unfortunately did not produce any results”) are only displayed in English. That’s a pity, because who would want to mix two languages ​​on one homepage in this way? With WordPress themes in German, all of these sentences are already set in German. Or a theme comes with so-called language packs from the outset, which contain German in addition to English, French and Spanish. So it is best to make sure from the outset that your WordPress theme is also available in German – otherwise you could be very disappointed.

WordPress always up to date

Always up-to-date with new WordPress versions

WordPress is backed by a global user and developer community that is constantly developing the software and making new program versions available. In this way you are always up-to-date and at the same time you can be sure that security gaps will be closed quickly.
In the STRATO WordPress packages you have the option of specifying whether you want to carry out an update yourself or whether it should be installed automatically. So don’t worry about updating if you don’t want to and still stay up to date.

Create WordPress website

STRATO and WordPress: It couldn’t be easier or more flexible

Use the WordPress hosting provider comparison and consider which criteria are particularly important to you. If you decide to create your homepage with a STRATO WordPress package, play it safe:

First, STRATO reduces the WordPress installation to exactly the information that only you can provide. Secondly, updates can be installed automatically if required, so that any security gaps that have become known are closed immediately. Thirdly, with STRATO, your data is as secure as in a bank with the annually renewed TÜV certification according to ISO 27001.

In addition, you do not need any programming knowledge to operate WordPress as a homepage or blog. Help yourself from the large pool of free WordPress themes. If this is important to your intentions, choose a theme with responsive design right away to ensure mobile-optimized views as well.
In this way, the creation of your homepage with WordPress causes a minimum of effort until you can take care of the essentials, namely the content.

We hope you enjoy your new WordPress website!

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