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As a widely used content management system, WordPress has one advantage over many of its competitors: the huge number of plugins for every imaginable purpose. Websites can be expanded to include any functions and adapted to personal needs. We bring you nine of the most recommended WordPress plugins that are more relevant than ever this year.

This is how you ensure maximum security

The following WordPress plugins also protect you effectively against hackers and malware in 2020.

Akismet – Automatically filter spam comments

The comment function is a simple and practical way to allow user interaction on a website – and thus improve the Google ranking. But the feature presents site operators with the challenge of filtering out spam comments. By default, WordPress has been shipped with the tool developed by Automattic for years, which only needs to be activated. The WordPress plugin automatically checks all comments for spam content and removes corresponding posts.

The Akismet database is powered by millions of websites that use the tool. If spam content goes undetected by the tool, Akismet can manually flag the suspicious post as spam. The plugin is constantly learning and working more and more precisely. Learn more about Akismet here

Attention – data protection: The use of Akismet for German websites is not unproblematic in terms of data protection, because data can be transferred to American servers for spam analysis. If you want to use Akismet to protect your website from spam comments, you should make explicit reference to the use of Akismet in your privacy policy. A good alternative to Akizmet is the anti-spam tool Antispam Bee, which was designed for German and European data protection and is maintained by the plugin collective. Go to the Antispam Bee plugin

Wordfence Security – Firewall and malware scanner

Websites are constantly being confronted with hacker attacks – good protection against malware and other risks is correspondingly important. Wordfence works like a firewall and constantly checks all traffic on a site for malware and other dangers. In addition, the tool repeatedly compares the installed WordPress responsive themes and plugins with the repository to detect unauthorized changes.

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UpdraftPlus – Fast and easy backups

Figure - WordPress Plugin - Updraft Plus

Whether malware, updates or configuration errors – many factors can paralyze a website. In such cases, the only thing that often helps is to restore an earlier data backup. Backups are therefore one of the essential tasks of website operators. The WordPress plugin UpdraftPlus simplifies many of the processes involved.

Users can back up their files and WordPress databases to various cloud services including Dropbox, Google Drive and Amazon Web Services via UpdraftPlus. Data can then be restored quickly and easily at any time.

WordPress plugin UpdraftPlus

How to use the full SEO potential

With the right SEO strategy, you can secure yourself a place in the sun on Google this year.

Yoast SEO – Target better Google ranking

Figure - WordPress Plugin - Yoast SEO

Users find websites via Google or other search engines – it is therefore important to appear high up in the list of results. Measures for search engine optimization (SEO) are therefore essential for the success of a website.

Yoast SEO analyzes the respective website and provides information about which areas have optimization potential. Tips on keywords, headings and meta descriptions are just as helpful as tips on image or URL optimization.

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Feature-rich WordPress tools for your marketing

Whether website analysis, contact form or newsletter management – you benefit in many ways from the right marketing tools.

MonsterInsights – Analytics data in WordPress dashboard


Website analysis tools such as Google Analytics give site operators valuable real-time statistics on how many visitors are using the site and how. Many tables and figures provide extensive data, all of which are relevant to the success of a website. Said representations quickly become confusing due to the wealth of information. Plugins like MonsterInsights prepare the displayed data clearly in the WordPress dashboard and thus provide a good overview of the most important key figures – including site visitors, search terms, traffic sources and conversion rates.

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Gravity Forms – Drag-and-drop contact forms

Figure - WordPress Plugin - Gravity Forms

Contact forms are an important component of many websites to encourage user interaction. Gravity Forms gives you the ability to create user-friendly and attractive forms in just a few steps using drag-and-drop. Additional functions such as file uploads and payment options are also available. Users have a large selection of standard templates that can be used to implement all conceivable types of form. There are also add-ons for integration with services such as PayPal, Slack or Trello.

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Newsletter – Email marketing made easy

Figure - WordPress plugin - Newsletter

One WordPress plugin is particularly suitable for managing and analyzing email campaigns: newsletter. Online shops and other providers can use it to significantly improve their e-mail marketing. The newsletter WordPress plugin allows you to create segmented recipient lists and send beautifully designed emails. The possibility of combining it with other WordPress plugins such as WooCommerce is practical.

Important NOTE: When marketing your newsletter, be sure to observe the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) for the protection of personal data. We have put together the most important tips for you in our article GDPR-compliant newsletter marketing. To the article.

To the WordPress plugin newsletter

In the fast lane in e-commerce

WooCommerce – the all-round solution for online shops

Figure - WordPress plugin - Woocommerce

With shop solutions, users can transform their website into a virtual shopping paradise. WooCommerce is the most famous WordPress plugin when it comes to designing online stores. The virtual shops can be adapted to the needs of the site operator. The features include extensive shipping options, a variety of payment methods and the implementation of different product types. Anything is possible, from items to concert tickets to digitally distributed software.

Here you can find more information about WooCommerce and the download

Easy Digital Downloads – specializes in software, PDFs and more

Figure - WordPress Plugin - EasyDigitalDownloads

If you want to concentrate on digital content on your own WordPress site, Easy Digital Downloads is a practical and easy-to-use tool. Apps, PDFs, eBooks or other digital content can be made available for download via the plugin. Customers can log in to the respective website via their account, fill their virtual shopping cart and purchase the digital goods. Download statistics help site operators to keep track of customer activities.

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With the right WordPress plugins for the optimal website

Anyone who uses the WordPress plugins mentioned for their own website has an efficient tool collection for 2020 that covers many important areas. So nothing stands in the way of a successful website. Check out our blog for more exciting articles on WordPress topics.

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