ZOHD MKIII Series FPV Wing Alpha Strike 900g 620mm RC Airplane – PNP



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Introducing… the ZOHD Alpha Strike ! The Alpha strike has a ZOHD MKIII blended wing body configuration with an EPP molded airframe, built-in carbon fiber spar for enhancement, innovative Sharp Airfoil design, and aerodynamic airframe.
Kicking off the MKIII phase of products, ZOHD embarks on a journey to a higher-end design, putting the accent in aerodynamics and aiming to bring a much richer and exciting FPV experience to intermediate and advanced pilots. The NEW MKIII Alpha Strike is a stellar example of this new spirit. Let’s explore it together!
Far away from its “boxy-style” siblings, The Alpha Strike features new exciting lines, accompanied by an incredible performance. There is no doubt that long-range FPV brings big rewards to the pilots, but that’s not for everyone. If you’re into high speed, proximity, and acrobatics kind of action, this beast is going to be your new best friend. This short-mid-range high-speed platform brings all the well-known ZOHD trademarks (portability, high-quality design, and production) to a new thrilling level!
The new design concept marks a clear departure from the MKIII Series.
As Andrey Nikolaevich Tupolev once said: “Only beautiful planes fly well!”, the Alpha Strike will not only raise the bar in terms of performance for this category of size and portability, but also in engineering, aerodynamic performance, and… yes, also the overall look!
A specially-designed servo arm “bunker” structure will protect your servo arm from impacts and minimize drag
Compatible with most of the racing quad power systems and FPV gear
EPP molded airframe, built-in carbon fiber spar for enhancement
Innovative Sharp Airfoil design and aerodynamic airframe.
Detachable wing and tail fins, portable and easy to pack
Innovative Twin Bay Design: Limitless options for setup
Teflon skin protection to avoid scratches when landing
Molded hand grip slots for a worry-free hand launch
Improved air rolling design to protect your gear
ZOHD MKIII blended wing body configuration
Molded marks for “CG” under the wing
Super stable flying performance
Looks AMAZING in the sky!
Max Speed:(with default power combo): 185+km/h
Wingspan: 620mm (24.41″)
Material: High-Quality EPP
Max Takeoff Weight: 900g
Length: 650mm (25.59”)
ESC: 40A w/5V 3A BEC
Min Speed: 25-33km/h
Wing Size: 15.6 dm2
Motor: 2216-2200KV
Model: Alpha Strike
Propeller: 6×4.5
Servos: 4.3g
Recommended (Not Included)
Battery: 4S 220 3200mAh 50c or higher
1x ZOHD MKIII Series FPV Wing Alpha Strike 900g 620mm RC Airplane – PNP


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