Zeez RGB LED Strip (4 Pcs)



About this product
The RGB LED Strips by Zeez are one of the smallest RBG strips used in the market! There are specially used on racing drones and are fully controlled by your flight controller firmware (Betaflight or INAV). Only 35mmx7.5mm for the strip of 10 LEDs.
Compatible with the Zeez F7 Flight Controller and many other FC’s.
Zeez Led System includes 4 strips of RGB led light
10 RBG Led on each strip
Max Current Draw (10 led on white color): 0.6A @ 5V
Easy wiring to Zeez F7 Flight controller and easy control with BetaFlight
Dimension 35mmx7.5mm (the smallest RBG strip for racing drone on the market)
Connection Diagram
1 x Zeez Led System (4 led Strip)
6 x Led Strip to Flight Controller 3 pin JST SH 1.00mm connector


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