Zeez Design F7 Flight Controller



About this product
The Zeez F7 Flight Controller is loaded with lots of great features like OSD, RGB LED, 128MB Blackbox memory, MPU6000, 3A 5V BEC, 8S Input and more!
Up to 8S input (max 36V)
5V BEC up to 3A continuous
MPU6000 Gyro/ACC for smooth performance
128MB OnBoard flash
OSD chip Onboard
6 available UARTS
VTX switch to control the ON/OFF of the VTX
directly from your transmitter
LC Filter for 5V VTX
USB Type C connector
Onboard RGB LED distribution for clean wiring to the LED on the arm of the quad.
Notch design on sides and in the front of the – FC for better fitting on the frame.
BetaFlight 4.1 Firmware
Betaflight OSD Custom Logo
1 x Zeez F7 Flight Controller
4 x Aluminum Standoff
4 x Aluminum Nut
2 x ESC to Flight Controller 8 Pin JST SH 1.00mm connector
2 x 2.00mm Header Pin for VTX connection
2 x 2.54mm Header Pin for Receiver connection
2 x Spare M3 rubber anti-vibration for Flight Controller


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