ZBROY Apollo Cinewhoop 3″ FPV Frame



About this product
The Apollo frame is ready to impress you with its skills! Thanks to the rigid construction and perfect balance, you can be sure your drone will handle the breathtaking turns. Tight spaces, narrow aisles – the Apollo is designed for indoor shooting and it does it with ease. Combined with the use of an HD camera, Apollo with its skills will allow you to capture incredibly beautiful and smooth shots from angles you never knew existed. Shooting movies, commercials, or solo stalking in an abandoned factory – in each case, you get cinematic picture quality.
The most important feature of Apollo is the ability to quickly change the position of the camera on the frame. You can mount the camera in the head frame and put the battery behind, or you can mount the camera right in the middle of the frame and place the battery under it. Thanks to this placement, your drone will always be perfectly balanced, which means you can get the highest precision of flight control.
We took care of the Apollo design and used impact-resistant polyurethane ducts and M3 fasteners. This reduces gyro noise to a minimum and therefore relieves the load on the flight controller. This allows you to make perfect PID tuning and keep your motors cool. And don’t forget about the low resonance – you get less jello with the Apollo as well.
The frame is DJI-friendly and can be used with the DJI Digital FPV System.
Polyurethane ducts, antenna holders & FPV camera protection
Variable camera mounting
All hardware is M3
Cinematic Frame
DJI Compatible
FC mounting: 20x20mm and 30.5×30.5 holes are provided
Hardware: 10.9-grade steel bolts, aluminum standoffs
FPV Camera mounting: 21.1mm for DJI HD camera
Thickness: 3mm on all carbon fiber details
Motor mounting: slots for 12x12mm
Frame shape – Compressed X
Duct Material: Polyurethane
Stack height: up to 20mm
Wheelbase: 153mm
Type: Cinewhoop
Weight: 140g
Prop Size: 3″
Recommended (Not Included)
Motor size: 1408
ESC: 4 in 1
Prop size: 3″
LiPo: 4-6S/1300mAh
DJI Digital FPV System
1x ZBROY Apollo Cinewhoop 3″ FPV Frame
1x ZBROY Lipo Strap
2x Hardware Kit
1x Battery Pad
1x Sticker Set


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