xLabs Shrike 185



About this product
Lean mean racing machine. Designed with simplicity and performance in mind, without sacrifice for durability. The Shrike-185 is the original design and reigns king among the 5″ prop class.
High quality twill carbon fiber from Armattan
4mm thick arms with milled slots for battery strap
Sturdy 35mm aluminum hexagonal standoffs
Integrated PDB with 5v and 12v linear regulators on board to provide clean power to sensitive equipment.
Full set of hardware, including motor screws and a few spares to keep you in the air
Up to 5″ propellers
79g including steel hardware
1x Power Distribution Board (5v and 12v regulator)
1x Bottom Plate
1x Top Plate
4x 5″ Arms
5x Hexagonal Aluminium Standoffs
5x M3x12 Button Head Bolt
5x M3x18 Button Head Bolt
22x M3x6 Button Head Bolt
10x M3 Nyloc Nuts


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