XILO Phreakstyle GoPro Hero 9 Mount – Black / 40°



About this product
This is a bolt-on GoPro Hero 9 Mount for the XILO Phreakstyle . The Hero mount works with or without an ND filter inserted into the lens.
This will fit the slammed or regular QAV-R 2. The front bolt hole is slightly wide to accommodate the slammed and regular bolt pattern. Please use a washer under your bolt to prevent the bolt from pushing through the TPU.
ND filters can be found here.
Intuitive design makes installation a breeze.
Flexible TPU material improves durability and protection.
Snug fit to ensure the GoPro does not slip.
Material: TPU
Color: Black
Angle: 40 Degrees (optional)
Compatible: GoPro Hero 9
1 x XILO Phreakstyle GoPro Hero 9 Mount – Black


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