XILO Phreakstyle Complete ARF Bundle




About this product
The XILO Phreakstyle Complete ARF Bundle. The perfect starter bundle to get you everything you need to start building your own FPV drone. Many of the products in this bundle are also available in the pre-build Phreakstyle RTF , however, we let you do the building, which in turn saves you some money if you are inclined to build your own drone!
This all-inclusive bundle pairs together proven components that are guaranteed to work well together, making the choice easy for you. Simply choose your preferred components and checkout! All that would be left to add would be your radio and FPV goggles.
First, choose from either the Slam or the Regular Phreakstyle frame and then go down the list choosing your motors, propellers, antennas, etc to make the drone exactly how you want it! 4S or 6S, FrSky, or TBS, you choose.
Note: The XILO Mutant Nano only fits the Slam Phreakstyle with the included 19×19 adapter. It will not fit the regular Phreakstyle.
About the Airframe
The Phreakstyle Quadcopter is XILO’s take on the FPV freestyle airframe. The ultra-durable, easy to work on, carbon fiber airframe was built to take a beating. The Phreakstyle offers freestyle FPV pilots a frame with all the space and features you want – at an affordable price.
Whether you are flying in bandos or some proximity flying around trees – accidents happen. You want a quad that is easy to repair and won’t cost an arm and a leg to fix. If you’re looking for an awesome frame at a great price, then the XILO Phreakstyle is the quad for you!


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