XILO Phreakstyle 6S Quadcopter RTF w/ DJI Digital HD FPV System (Quad Only)



About this product
This is the quad only bundle. If you want the full DJI bundle with the goggles and radio, check it out here !
Each Phreakstyle RTF is hand-built, tuned and test flown in the USA.
May or may NOT come with POPO
6S Power w/ DJI
XILO together with the DJI FPV system gives you the best way to experience HD Digital FPV. With the 720p video shown at 120fps through the goggles, DJI has set the bar at a new high for clarity and image quality in an FPV system. The XILO Phreakstyle is the perfect platform to use with the DJI system, giving ample room for the Air Unit and other accessories you might want to add without cramped cables and electronics.
The XILO Phreakstyle is a high-speed cinematic platform that provides HD footage in a highly mobile yet smooth setup. Built with 6S motors, the Phreakstyle DJI RTF gives that extra oomph to make your freestyle experience feel much more responsive than a normal freestyle cinematic focused quad.
Using the DJI FPV system, you’ll gain a new appreciation for grass, branches, and power lines – all things that were almost invisible with an analog setup, but not with the DJI HD FPV system.
No worrying about making sure you set up everything correctly, our build teams do all the hard work for you and the DJI system makes it easier than ever to fly FPV. You want to fly this thing as soon as you get it right? That’s our intent!
RTF fully built and test flown by our technicians at our Florida facility
Equipped with the DJI Digital HD FPV System – all set up and ready to go
Buttery-smooth 720p 120fps FPV feed
Custom 3D printed parts made for the DJI system
Pre-tuned with smooth freestyle settings
Full 3K Carbon Fiber freestyle airframe
Dual electronics mounting stacks
Powerful XILO motors ( 6 S )
XILO Stax FC and ESC 6S stack
Black Oxide steel screws
Easy-grip knurled black anodized spacers
“Bumpers” on the end of the arms to protect the motor during a crash
Airframe: 125g (airframe + hardware)
AUW: XILO Phreakstyle w/ DJI Digital FPV has an AUW of 390g (excluding battery)
RTF Included Components and Parts
A fully built and tested XILO Phreakstyle RTF Freestyle Quadcopter
1x XILO Phreakstyle Freestyle Quadcopter 5″
1x XILO Soft Zipper Case w/ Carry Handle
1x DJI Digital HD FPV Air Unit (FPV Camera + Air Unit Module)
2x Lumenier 5×5.3×3 – Gate Breaker Propeller (Set of 4 – Color May Vary)
4x XILO 2207 1750KV Motor ( 6 S )
1x XILO Stax F4 Flight Controller
1x Polulu 9V Step-Down Voltage Regulator
1x XILO Stax 45A BLHeli_32 3-6s 4-in-1 ESC
2x DJI FPV Air Unit Antenna (MMCX 90° – Pair) (From Air Unit Packaging)
Additional Suggested Parts
FPV Goggles (required to use DJI Air Unit)
DJI HD FPV Goggles
Radio Controller
DJI Remote Controller (Mode 2)
The DJI HD FPV Air Unit is currently only compatible with the DJI FPV Goggles. While optional in this bundle, IT IS REQUIRED to use the DJI FPV Goggles with the DJI FPV Air Unit on this quad. We are leaving the goggles optional just in case you already bought a combo and just want another RTF with an air unit!
The DJI Remote Controller is recommended for beginners since you won’t need to set up another receiver, but it is also optional in this bundle because it is NOT required in order to use the FPV system. If you don’t choose to use the DJI Remote Controller, you can add a receiver yourself from FrSky, Spektrum, etc. and then bind to your own radio as usual.
Most importantly, when you buy an RTF in this bundle, you’ll automatically be able to receive a free bonus item of your choice!
50% off a 6S Lipo Battery
Note: If you are buying this bundle from outside the United States and choose the Lipo Battery as your gift. You MUST open an account with our new shipping partner MyUS.com This is to enable your order to be shipped by air overseas, otherwise, you will not be able to check out with the battery selected.


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