XILO Blue Hornet FPV Freestyle Quadcopter Frame (5″,6″,7″)



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Introducing XILO’s Blue Hornet FPV Freestyle Quadcopter Frame. The Blue Hornet is a mini carbon fiber airframe that is ultra-durable, easy to work with, and tons of fun to fly! The Blue Hornet features premium XILO carbon fiber with a beautifully finished edge, giving the quad a sleek look.
The Xilo Blue Hornet brings several new innovations. The primary difference on the Blue Hornet is the orientation of arms. The motor plane is at a 30 degree angle to the main body. This means when cruising forward the GoPro and the FPV camera are the only things presenting any air resistance, the battery stays tucked behind the center of mass in forward flight. It also means when taking off you’re preloaded at about 12 degrees thanks to how it sits. The GoPro couch and FPV camera is slightly adjustable, so if you don’t want to fly at 30 degrees you can tick it up or down about 15 degrees total for an effective angle range of 20-35 degrees to the motor plane. This range was selected to allow flexibility while still keeping the air resistance profile minimal in forward flight. This technique was developed to combat specific tendencies from normal flat frame designs to accumulate I gain (Ki) buildup due to unequal air resistance in forward flight. The Blue Hornet frame is balanced perfectly for forward cruising, rather than the flat balance of most competing frames.
Thanks to the forward angle of the arms, the FPV camera mount works with no need for tilt. The camera mount also allows for varying depth between the FPV camera mount point and the front of the lens, allowing you to get the maximum protection without seeing the carbon regardless of the FPV camera you use. The mounting point on the frame also has some flex in it, allowing for both 20mm and 19mm cameras with no need for spacers, and still locking tightly to prevent camera drift. The side plates for the upper body also attach to the top plate using a unique lock system that allows the entire cage to be removed by only removing two standoffs.
In addition, the arm mount is a complete friction fit design combined with a center X-lock design that has been proven in other GetFPV frames. No need to remove any bolts to remove the arms! You just loosen the two main bolts about half a turn and the arm pops out. The slot that allows the arm to come free is a bit narrower than the bolts themselves, so even if the bolts are loose it takes some force to pull them out, and also gives a satisfying snap once you pass the choke point when replacing them. Even with the bolts only barely tight there is no way to pull the arms out with any reasonable force. Once fully tightened the structure locks into place tightly with very little lateral movement thanks to the X-lock and force distribution between the arm joints. Please note: The tolerances on this joint are intentionally tight, so if the necessary force to remove or re-slot the arms is too large, a few seconds with sandpaper or a file will allow dialing in the force.
The Blue Hornet also integrates complete mounting solutions for the VTX and the RX in the “tail” and an integrated SMA antenna mount at the rear with mount holes for the TBS/Rush style adapters. The way the tail drops keeps the VTX antenna well below the prop line when combined with the angled arm plane. Please note: The tail section can only accommodate RXs and VTXs with a maximum width of 20mm. Larger electronics (Including the CaddX Vista) can be mounted in the main stack thanks to the high clearance allowed by the 30 degree angle.
The battery straps are designed to go under the outer rails and then up and over the body, which means there’s no need for a top plate or any sticky or battery pads, as the straps act as both. The frame was designed to fit up to 30mm battery straps, which allows for extremely secure battery mounting without additional pads or hardware, and keeps the battery out of the props even on hard crashes.
Full 3K Carbon Fiber airframe with removable 4mm arms (5″, 6″, & 7″arm options).
Unique body separation from main plate/arms, allows for easy maintenance
Slotted arms allow for easy arm swaps by loosening the screws
Built in carbon fiber camera guard cage
Black Oxide steel screws
Easy grip blue anodized spacers
Motor guards on the end of the arms to protect the motor during a crash
Fits both 30.5x and 20x stacks
5″ version fits popular 5.1″ style propellers
Airframe with Hardware:
5″ version – 130g
6″ version – 142g
7″ version – 160g
User Manual
Download the build guide and user manual for the XILO Blue Hornet here.
1x XILO Blue Hornet FPV Freestyle Quadcopter Frame Kit (5, 6, or 7″ arms depending on your choice)
1x XILO Sticker Sheet
1x Set of black steel screws and aluminum hardware including knurled spacers, cable ties
2x XILO Battery Strap
1x XILO Camera Strap


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