Xhover Skyeliner by Drib 5″ Frame



About this product
Le Drib designed his signature frame, the Skyeliner, to be simple in construction, aesthetic in design, and durable in crashing.
Front Camera Cage
The front camera cage was inspired by the look of an airfoil to look attractive. It was shaped around the sweep of the FPV camera angle to provide protection regardless of camera position. The main plate is cut short upfront so the FPV camera can sit low.. The 3mm vertical carbon pieces clamp on to the main plate via three horizontal standoffs, one of which also secures the GoPro mount.
GoPro Mount Integration
The 3D printed GoPro mount was considered from the beginning rather than left to be retro-fitted. It was originally intended to slide over two upper horizontal standoffs to fully eliminate the possibility of the screws pulling through mounting holes. However, crashes tend to be from the front, so a single rear mounting bolt was considered because the front standoff sleeve would provide nearly all the benefit. This became the final design as it also allowed for the removal of an upper standoff; the rear GoPro mount screw also serving as the front top plate screw simplifies maintenance.
Internal Serviceability
The top plate removes with 5 screws, allowing access to the drone’s internals. The front camera cage stays secure to the main plate even without the top plate so it will not fall out while handling the opened drone.
Curved Arm Interface
The overlap between the main plate and arms has an extreme curve to distribute the shear force on the arms during crashes.
Arm Replacement
Should an arm need replacing, pressnuts in the main plate facilitate the swap. Additionally, the 30 x 30 holes in the arms and lower brace are enlarged so that the electronics stack need not be disturbed when replacing arms.
Stack Isolation
The 30 x 30 holes in the main plate accommodate the included grommets to isolate the electronics stack.
Rear Slots
The two slots in the rear of the main plate were designed around a 20×20 M2 hole pattern. A component such as a receiver can be placed between the slots and strapped down while M2 screws can fit in the ends of the slot to mount an additional 20×20 component such as a video transmitter.
Low CG
The top plate sits 20mm above the main plate. Drib experimented with everything from high 35mm top mount battery to 0mm mid mount battery frame design. He found that he prefers the agile feel of top mount over the neutral feel of mid mount. However, also found that the lowering the battery a bit improved the “locked in” feel. He settled on 20mm as his favorite height of top mount battery.
Genuine Ummagrip
Custom cut Ummagrip eliminates battery slippage.
Motor Protection
The classic teardrop arm end, extended to be bolder and provide for better motor protection.
Tapered Rear
Damn, look at that booty.
Soft mount for FC on the 30×30 stack.
20mm Standoffs
Ummagrip Sticky Battery Pad
Top Mount battery Design
4mm durable arms
Plenty of room for a nice clean compact build
easy single arm replacement
1x Skyeliner Frame
1x Set of high-quality Steel hardware
1x Battery Strap
1x ESC sticker Sheet
4x Foam Landing Pads
1x Sticky Battery pad by Ummagrip Company, Designed specifically for the Skyeliner


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