Xhover R5LX



About this product
The R5LX features a forward sweep design that is preferred by our top racing FPV pilots. The forward sweep design grants smoother flying and sharper turns. We have tested many different versions of this design and we found this to be the best balanced forward sweep design. Our team pilots love this frame and we are positive you will too!.
This is a simple elegant quad copter that has been designed to be painless to work on and repair. It is manufactured out of high quality 3K twill carbon fiber. The Xhover R5LX swings a max prop size of 5″. The R5LX features a press nut system, allowing effortless removal of arms and uncomplicated repairs. In addition, the R5LX consist of 2 M3 screws which permits less of a hassle when removing the arms. Fortunately, this quad copter does not require any other tools. Its unique PDB/FC mounting design allows the convenience of removing all the arms and bottom plate without removing the PDB/FC from the quad copter entirely. It’s a quad copter you will enjoy working on.
Overview features
Race ready
HD Camera ready (GoPro)
Light weight
3K Twill Carbon Fiber
Easy to remove arms using 2 screws
Minimal hardware and parts
High Quality hardware
Easy Grip Standoffs
Easy repairs
Plenty of space for components
Durable and light
Custom PDB with 5v and 12v output
Airframe: 82g with all hardware and PDBB
AUW: 240g Including all electronics(Not including GoPro or Battery)
1xTop Plate
1x Main Plate
1x Bottom plate
2x Camera mounts
4x Arms for R5LX
8x 10mm Button Head Screws
4x 35mm Standoffs
4x 8mm Button Head Screws for press nuts
1x Battery strap


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