Xhelix FPV Drone Field Mat w/ Attached Bag



About this product
The Xhelix FPV Field Mat is completely versatile, protecting your equipment from humidity, dirt, and dust in your flight area.
The Xhelix Mat is made of water and dirt-resistant RipStop nylon. Super lightweight and includes its own attached bag with a carabiner to clip onto any backpack. Four stakes are included to drive into the airfield and ensure your mat stays put. The bag where it is stored is sewn to the Xhelix Mat, so you won’t have to worry about losing it. This bag also doubles as a pocket when the Xhelix Mat is open.
Note: This is the mat, bag, and stakes only. Other gear shown is not included.
Protects your gear from compromising terrain and elements
Stakes included for securing mat to the ground
Four Translucent Corner Pockets
Caribiner clip for secure carrying
Durable RipStop Nylon Material
Useful for landing or taking off
Attached Storage Bag
CORNER POCKETS The 4 white corners act as Pockets so that you can leave what you need inside and that they do not come out of the mat, they are also white and translucent, designed so you can see what’s inside.
SECURE YOUR GEAR The Xhelix Drone Mat (in addition to protecting your equipment) will help you secure your gear, simply support your backpack, your propellers, transmitter, drones … and you will have everything organized in your flight area.
Storage Bag Dimensions: 6.75 x 4.75 x 1 inches (12 x 17 x 3 cm)
Mat Dimensions: 45 x 27.5 inches (114 x 70 cm)
Stake Length: 5.7″
Weight: 99g
1x Xhelix Field Mat w/ Attached Bag
1x Caribiner Clip
4x Drive Stakes


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