Soldering Iron Kit w/ Adjustable Temperature + Desoldering Pump (20 Pcs)



About this product
Knowing your way around a soldering iron is necessary for the FPV drone industry. This 20-piece soldering kit gives you everything you need to repair and maintain your drones and electronics.
It includes tons of essentials including an adjustable temperature (200-450C) 60W soldering iron, five extra soldering tips, solder vacuum pump, two ESD safe tweezers, six different tipped tools, and more!
Adjustable Temperature Soldering Iron x 1
Soldering Iron Stand x1
Desoldering Vacuum Pump x 1
Curved Tweezers ESD-15 x 1
Straight Tweezers ESD-11 x 1
Tin Wire Solder Tube x 1
Wire Snips x 1
Razor Box x 1
Different Solder Tips x 5
Driver Tool x 1
Various Tipped Picks x 6
Carrying Case x 1


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